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In-Character and Out-of-Character Classes

What you’re trying to Roleplay as versus what you’re trying to play for gameplay purposes. These two things do not have to be the same among Roleplayers! A Class like the Hunter could reasonably approximate things like a Headhunter throwing Javelins, a Beastmaster taming a small army of wild creatures, an elite Horde (or Dark Horde!) trained rifleman, or a barebones archer.

Primary Classes

Simply put, this is just another term for Roleplaying as one of the OOC Classes currently accessible to all Player Characters of a Troll race. As of the time of writing, these are the following:

Darkspear - Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, and Warrior.

Zandalari - Death Knight, Druid, Hunter, Mage, Monk, Paladin(Prelate), Priest, Rogue, Shaman, and Warrior.

For the two listed default playable Tribes of Troll, no major restrictions are put in place so far as Primary Classes are concerned. For those among us who choose to Roleplay as members of other Tribes, however, there are some! These should be discussed as part of the application and interview process, if necessary.


Most of these take their inspiration from the juicy (albeit non-canon) Class/lore text originating in the old Warcraft/WoW RPG books or through major Troll NPCs! Although those books have been rendered non-canon, they fleshed out a lot of interesting cultural ideas and thematically appropriate Classes for Trolls like the Shadow Hunter or the Witch Doctor that we’ve seen persist into the game but not get their own OOC Class.

Because of their potential to introduce an extraordinary amount of unique abilities while also playing some sort of very prominent role in the inner workings of Troll society, anyone wishing to play a Subclass among the Shadowtusk is required to pass muster with a Trainer and undergo multiple months (4-6 seems to be the average) worth of In-Character development within the Guild to even be considered. They are also required to sacrifice some of the In-Character functionality of whatever Primary Class they may have been in the past, in the interests of trying to keep the power levels between Primary and Subclass characters somewhat close to equal.

The current list of Subclasses includes Augurs, Blood Drinkers, Dinomancers, Primals, Shadow Hunters, Shadow Walkers, Venomancers, and Witch Doctors.

Subclasses tend to be limited to 2 students at a given time. If you are unaware if a subclass has reached this limit, be sure to reach out to the Subclass trainer for more information!

Specialized Classes

Specialized Classes, otherwise known as Specializations, are more general Role-Play classes that do not have as many specifics or traditional duties within the Clan. Whereas a Sub-Class has a set way of doing things, a Specialization is up for some interpretation due to a lack of specific lore and defined duties.

Due to the fluid nature of a Specialization, one is not required to train as one within the Clan and may Role-Play as one from the moment they receive their Guild Invite. However, there are certain rules in place that one will have to follow to maintain their rank in such a class. These rules include limitations to power, performing believably, and fitting the general persona one expects to find within the Specialized Class they have chosen to pursue. These standards are here to prevent people from drifting too far from a Specialized Class’s given course. While Primary Classes tend to have their own specializations within themselves, with various options to pursue, a Specialized Class is often the same basic role in the concept of damage, healing, or tanking thus variety amongst what combat role they fulfill is not something that can easily be enacted, though creativity for how one uses their abilities is always encouraged!

While training as one of these classes is not necessary, it will generally be offered and encouraged that you seek out one of their kind to train you. More often than not, there will be a Head of each Specialization that you can request this from. Occasionally, Specialized Classes will have some restrictions on joining Shadowtusk Clan without going through training.

A feature that is almost unique to Specializations is that one is not often required to entirely forsake their previous Primary Class in order to pursue the path.

Specializations with higher member interest are often brought up to become a prestige class! This is a timely process, however. Reach out to an officer if you think your specialization might fit the bill to discuss.