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We as a core are here to make decisions that are fair to the most number of people.
We are not here to do the will of a few or to change the guild to suit the opinions of a select few.

While we welcome and encourage ideas to be submitted,
please know that we cannot and will not accept every single one,
as many things are not viable within Shadowtusk Clan.

Below you will find a list of rules/policies for conduct that all Shadowtusk members are expected to adhere to.
Failure to adhere to the rules listed below may result in a warning depending on the infraction's severity,
but we as a core reserve the right to kick without giving any previous warnings for breaching the rules.

If you see someone violating a rule, we require screenshots.
If you cannot provide evidence to support your claim, it will be treated as hearsay and dismissed.

Behavior that will not be tolerated includes, but is not limited to:

  • Showing disrespect to your clanmates.
  • This could be in passive-aggressive jabs, name-calling, rumor-spreading or gossiping, bossing them around, eavesdropping, etc. We realize not everyone will get along, but we expect everyone to treat each other with basic courtesy and respect.
  • Representing the guild in a way that negatively impacts our members or our reputation.
  • You wear our guild tag at all times, and alt-checking is painfully easy. Treat the server and other players with respect, even on your alts.
  • Using homophobic, racist, transphobic, etc. slurs or any other inflammatory language OOCly.
  • (Though please use good judgment ICly. Trolls are not humans, they do not have the same slang, and may also not have the same prejudices humans can possess).
  • Godmodding, metagaming, or power-playing.
  • For those unsure of what these terms mean, metagaming is taking knowledge gained OOCly and using it ICly. Power-playing is making your character overly powerful, never allowing them to take hits in fights, always winning, etc. Godmodding is taking control of someone’s character without their consent-- your hits always landing without giving them a chance to fight back, writing how their character can or should or does respond without their approval.
  • Taking IC slights, arguments, or opinions personally OOCly.
  • What a character does or says is not a reflection of the player, and should not be taken as such. IC is IC, OOC is OOC. Keep them separate.
  • If the Officers become aware of any form of public ERP, you are liable for removal from the Clan.
  • If roleplay or character backstories include something that would be illegal by real-life, US standards, removal is non-negotiable. This includes, but is not limited to Beastiality, Necrophilia, Pedophilia, and Rape. For more information on what constitutes private RP and when RP should be taken to private channels, please consult an Officer directly.
  • Trolling, harassing, or otherwise griefing other players, in or out of the guild.
  • This includes spamming toys or emotes/yells, harassment, or otherwise disrupting the activity of another player.
  • Lying to, or otherwise manipulating or deceiving other members,or attempting to.
  • Provoking others, in the guild or not, into antagonistic situations (AKA picking fights).
  • Creating/attempting to create a hostile, unfriendly, or unlikable environment, whether for one person, multiple people, or the entire guild, OOCly. This includes speaking ill of out of guild individuals or groups/guilds. You never know who might have an alt in there, and we don’t need to be insulting.
  • Sharing OOC guild issues with those not in the guild, whether in private conversation or on public platforms. This includes any disciplinary measures taken on members.
  • Selling/attempting to sell out of game services for in-game gold or items (or vice versa).
  • Any other activities that are forbidden in Blizzard’s TOS.
  • We are aware that this includes selling art for in-game currency, and while STC will not forbid its members from doing this, we take no responsibility for any consequences incurred by violating this rule in the TOS, and we suggest our members not sell art for in-game currency.

Other Things of Note:

  • We as a core reserve the right to change these policies at any time, with or without warning.
  • We reserve the right to refuse re-admittance to any member previously kicked for any infraction.
  • We as a core are the sole deciders of what is offensive/against the rules and will be the sole members in charge of discipline.
  • Any drama that may result from either a disciplinary action, an action of another member, or any outside forces, will be dealt with solely by the core. As the saying goes, ‘don’t feed the trolls’.
  • We reserve the right to not disclose the discipline of other members when a kick is not administered.
  • Likewise, we reserve the right to refuse to discuss drama once the issue has been resolved.
  • If you leave the guild for any non-disciplinary reason, the reason for leaving and the length of time you are gone may affect whether you can return with your previous rank.
  • If an issue is brought to the core, there is a statute of limitations on screenshots. Screenshots more than two months old will not be admitted as evidence.
  • The only exception to this is in cases of OOC harassment, where there is no statute of limitations. 
  • Outside of the above exception, anyone who withholds screenshots for more than two months before submitting them will be disciplined at the core's discretion.