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Roll Systems

The D10 (Spar / PvP System by Tanakae)

Click Spoilers for Dice Ranges

Turn order is determined by contested 1d100 (initiative) rolls at the start of combat.

Base HP is determined by the competitors or overseeing DM(s).
5 HP is the current standard.

This system is not intended for use with any of the Equipment, Abilities, etc. of the d20 PvE System.

This is a Miss!  Whatever you were attempting has failed.

This is a Hit!  You may Attack or Heal for 1 point.  

This is a Critical Hit!  You may Attack or Heal for 2 points.

The D20 (PvE / Dicemaster System)

Downloading the Dicemaster Addon is absolutely pivotal for your full immersion in STC's DMed events.

For information, assistance and/or tips on setting up your Dicemaster, please contact an Antu'zul or an Atal'alarion!

Click Spoilers for Dice Ranges

Natural 1*
This is a Critical Failure! Whatever the player was attempting does not go as planned. 

DM(s) involved may determine an appropriate consequence for the action.
Critical Failure at a Saving Throw causes the player to take double the hazard's initial damage, before any modifiers, if not aided by an ally.

This is a standard Miss. While you have not succeeded, nothing catastrophic should result.

A successful Hit!  Attacks or Heals within this range are worth 1 point.

A spectacular Hit! Attacks or Heals within this range are worth 2 points.

Rolls within this range are also nearly always a Success on a Skill Check if one is being attempted.

crushing Hit!  Attacks or Heals within this range are worth 3 points.

Natural 20*
 A critical hit! Attacks or Heals within this range are worth 5 points!

DM(s) are also encouraged to reward this good luck through narrative, to balance the risk of Critical Failures.
Critical Success at a Saving Throw allows the player to protect an ally as well as themselves, if applicable.

* Unless your DM(s) indicate otherwise, these only apply when you roll these values on the d20. 

If you're using the recommended Dicemaster addon, a Critical Failure will be indicated by your roll value turning red. 
Critical Success will be green or only 1 point lower than the maximum possible roll.

The clan uses five main attributes in our D20 combat system.

They are the following:

Used to increase your HP.
Constitution is used for checks and saves holding one's ground.

Ex: A troll with +2 in Constitution will have a total health pool of 7 Health.

Used to attack with a light (one-handed) or ranged weapon.
Dexterity is used for stealth, dodging, climbing, and other terrain checks/saves.

Ex: A troll sneaking or using light weapons will add their modifier onto their d20.

Used to resist mental magic, figure out puzzles, and assist in hostile spellcasting.
Intellect is used for knowledge perception.

Ex: Any spell attack will use your modifier to add to your d20.

Used to resist mental magic and assist in the casting of healing spells.
Wisdom is used for reviving and shielding allies, as well as checks regarding awareness.

Ex: Any healing spell will use your modifier to add to your d20.

Used to overpower foes and attack with heavy weaponry or bare fists.
Strength is often used for physically strenuous checks and saves. 

Ex: A troll using a two-handed maul will add their modifier onto their d20.


By default, you have 5 HP and a pre-set Attribute Array of +5, +3, +2, +0, and -2 to assign in whatever order you like. You may assign these stats once every four weeks.

Ex: Ba'nana || 7 HP
+5 Intelligence, -2 Spirit, +2 Constitution, +3 Strength, +0 Dexterity

Because Ba'nana has +2 Constitution, their HP is 7.
When Ba'nana attacks with a spell, they will be rolling D20+5 Intelligence.

Think you have it figured out? Submit the attribute declaration channel in our discord.