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Personal Tribe Headcanons

Let's Plan Mavuno! [Shatterspear Headcanon]

I'd like to do another mini-celebration of a headcanon festival for the Shatterspear, but to make it easier for our other Shatterspear to offer ideas, I thought a forum thread might be more efficient to brainstorm! I'd like to get these up for the...
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Tezuli / Ai'sedai384Member avatar small Za'larah 21d
Personal Tribe Headcanons

Druids of Kimbul - Sandscalp Tribe

Background: The Molten Cay, an island train of thick jungles, trollish ruins, and dominated by an active volcano. Home to the fierce Sandscalp Tribe of trolls. Due to the fact we don't see any signs of necromancy among them, and the fact they ment...
Small Bwom'aka 88d
Bwom'aka269Small Bwom'aka 88d
Personal Tribe Headcanons


While Tezuli wrote the master class on Shatterspear here, I wanted to add some of my own headcanons and expand on her amazing post.CourtshipPrior to the decision to become mates, courtship is often done and even encouraged. This gives time to eval...
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Natuya2358Member avatar small Natuya 163d
Personal Tribe Headcanons

The Wild Hunt - Amani Headcanon

For context, this was a private mini-story I DM'd for my roleplay partner just about a year or so ago (I.E., you can fully ignore the story below this, but take the idea of an Amani group hunt). Called by Halz'aka to Zul'Aman, our characters were ...
Small Bwom'aka 338d
Bwom'aka3938Small Bwom'aka 303d
Personal Tribe Headcanons

Feast of Rhunok - Drakkari Headcanon

As a bear gorges themselves before winter, to hibernate, so too do the followers of Rhunok compete with one another to hold the greatest feast to herald winter. The hunters aim to bring the biggest, tastiest meat, the gatherers see who can fill th...
Small Bwom'aka 326d
Bwom'aka11098Small Bwom'aka 326d
Personal Tribe Headcanons

Frozen Exile - Drakkari Headcanon

As a punishment, for troll villages on the fringe of the empire, it would surely make sense that exile would mean driving the troll being so punished out into the frigid wastes of Dragonblight. Where perhaps they may survive, but most would surely...
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Bwom'aka2463Small Bwom'aka 338d
Personal Tribe Headcanons

Ice Spirits - Frost Troll Headcanon

To share the significance of fire, a story is passed among the Drakkari. A simple, but terrifying tale. One of Drakkari who perish to the cold of night, freezing to death. It is said then, that such a troll is frozen to where they died, their spir...
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