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Personal Loa Headcanons

[Pinned] Creative Writing: Headcanon Loa - 9/20/22

The first attempt at something a touch different, a creative writing prompt done on the website for better organization. Remember that none of this can be forced on another, this is only to share cool ideas, and who knows! We may even ask permissi...
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Personal Loa Headcanons

Ula'tek, Amani Bloodgoddess Savior Or Usurper?

Original: Ula-Tek, Goddess of SerpentsThis Serpent Goddess was first mentioned in the World of Warcraft: Roleplaying Game, the 'RPG' as its shortened to. Both the Bronzebeard and Dark Iron dwarves both considered her an Old God, or a powerful mini...
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Personal Loa Headcanons

Gahz - The First Hydra

A simple name, for an unknown Loa only speculated to exist. However, there are four notable reasons for both this name, and the assumption a true Hydra Loa exists!Reason the first, Gahz'rilla, the boss from Zul'Farrak is noted to be a 'demigod', w...
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Personal Loa Headcanons

Halz'aka - Daughter of Halazzi

Owing to lore obtained in Battle for Azeroth, that Rezan, the Loa of Kings, was in fact the son of an even greater (if far more evil) devilsaur Loa named 'Xibala', as well as lore confirmed in Shadowlands that Bwonsamdi, the Loa of the Grave, was ...
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Personal Loa Headcanons

Lightning Wasp - The Air Spirit of Stranglethorn

As a headcanon for Tek'takka, a totemic warrior of Stranglethorn, one dedicated to the elemental beasts of the jungle, it made sense to invent a spirit to represent air and lightning. Going against the grain, and desire to make it an animal (such ...
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