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Unsure where else to put this, as its headcanon, but neither Loa or Tribe-based, so here it goes! The short of it is an expansive headcanon of the san'lyn, or thalassian vampyrs, in WoW's lore. What we got was fairly barebones, they're undead elves who drink some blood, and even lack the traditional weaknesses of vampires! Just super soldiers. I MAY have written this while watching Hunter (the same folks who made If the Emperor had a Text to Speech device). The actual headcanon was inspired by, with only very minor research into Vampire the Masquerade (since its not really my type of game to be honest). Without further ado however!

The Great Houses
  • House Lana'thel: Perhaps the most boring of the name houses, but the most important one by far. Named for the fallen Blood Queen, they are the ruling san'layn house, allied with the Houses of Valar and Kelseth, but despite Houses Venre and Therald. Aristocracy is in their blood, and to them is the power of unique and powerful blood mutations, such as wings, blood binding other vampyrs into their service, and can dominate both the living and the dead... however, they suffer from vanity, inflated ego, and are compelled to be the center of attention.
  • House Valar: Founded and formerly led by Prince Valanar, these san'layn are masters of deceit, plotting, often taking up artistic professions to satisfy their own obsession with perfection. They are allied with House Lana'thel only, and despise House Talam. Their blood gift grants them the ability to easily sway the mind of mortals, and to disguise themselves almost flawlessly as the living.
  • House Kelseth: Founded and formerly led by Prince Keleseth, this house maintains close alliances with the vrykul that their founder was once bidden to command. It was no mistake in that the Lich King sent Keleseth to the giants, as despite being a skilled tactician, Keleseth, and those who bare his lineage, are prone to feral blood rages. Their blood gift is of unholy strength and tactical minds, but their flaw is their rage, a compulsion to violence. They hold their main political power in their access to innumerable vrykul warriors, both for use as blood cattle and thralls. They are allied with House Lana'thel, secretly aligned with House Therald, but despite House Valar.
  • House Talam: Founded and formerly led by Prince Taldaram, these san'layn are innately gifted in magic, beyond simply being of elvish heritage. Often mistrusted, they are granted their founders blood mastery of fire magic, and it was thanks to their innate talent in magic that Taldaram was sent to Azjol'Nerub to both oversee the former nerubian capital, and to gather the ancient magics hidden within. They can further empower their magics by infusing it with their own blood, but doing so leads them to starvation and feral feeding frenzies, but beyond that is a compulsion to seek greater power and hidden lore. Their former leader was in fact the lone San'layn, 'Vorath', who attacked Silvermoon. In his experiments to become immortal, he went insane, departing the houses, and his position of leadership, to follow the lasting commands of the Lich King. Although defeated, the fact his success let him overcome death (however briefly), caused a schism in this house, with most of the purer bloods trying to repeat his success and failing. They have no true allies, and care little for rivalries with other houses.
  • House Therald: Founded by and currently led by Prince Theraldis, one of the reanimators of Archmage Arugal, Theraldis seemingly abandoned the desires of the Lich King and has only recently returned to the fold. Due to the power of his bloodline, and the fact that he, an original Prince, leads them, had assured their position among the great houses but such a spot is precarious, as his former actions have given him no public allies. Further more, subverting common san'layn expectation, his brood often cover themselves in bandages to hide their deformities. Often possessed of rotting, ugly appearances, frightening even to gaze upon, they've the blood gift to call upon feral beasts to serve them, and have a talent for sneaking and learning things they shouldn't...

The Lesser Houses
  • House Venre: Founder unknown, but formerly led by Prince Dreven. This house is extremely self-reliant, even during the reign of the Lich King they had greater freedoms, and even gained independence from Bolvar. Keen to avoid the politics of the san'layn houses, Dreven attempted to join the Horde with his house, but most members, including himself, were slain by the Alliance. Those who remained fled and accepted blood pacts with different houses to survive. Members of this house nevertheless remain highly skilled, with broad specializations to ensure their worth as an individual.
  • House Mirkblood: Founded and formerly led by Prince Tenris Mirkblood, few san'layn remain of his blood, for they have been cursed with doom for daring to interfere with Karazhan. All members of this blood are doomed to perish if they linger for too long in one place, and have such become wanderers, serving as spy and assassin, but never lingering despite their compulsion to tempt fate. The name 'Mirkblood' is meant to tell all vampyrs of their cursed line, a murky blood indeed.
  • House Navrus: Founder unknown, but named and formerly led by Prince Navarus, the inventor of the massive flesh giant 'Thrym', few were sired directly from Navarus, usually for his own twisted experiments in fleshcrafting, his descendants simply disappeared one day. Only a good doctor staying behind, explaining that they left to seek the secrets of mogu fleshcrafting and of anima, traveling to Pandaria, but none have been seen since.
  • House Sanval: A newer clan then most, Prince Sandoval, sired by Prince Taldaram, but gifted the blood of Prince Keleseth, created his own house, and although he is slain, and no known members remain of his bloodline, it was well known that he embraced the most powerful champions in the arena he was granted by the Lich King. Of all the houses, his is the only without the promise of elven vampyrs.
  • House Athann: Founded and led by Prince Atherann, Atherann was in fact sired by Prince Theraldis, owing to their House's close alliance, however Atherann was unwittingly given the blood of beasts by his sire, to create a unique bloodline. House Athann are far more bestial and twisted then those of House Therald, more savage, brutal, but requiring constant supervision, less they maul more thralls.
  • House Vorath: Not a true house, this house was a house of one, led by the insane, but briefly immortal, Prince Vorath. He was slain thanks to the powers of the Shadowlands, but his example has led to a schism in House Talam, with those following him claiming membership of House Vorath.
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