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Reanimator Class Idea
A 'new' version of a former antagonist character of mine, the idea revived by the 2e AD&D game I'm playing where he's a wizard anatomist (a type of necromancer), eccentric, confident, charismatic, so... time to WoWify him as a spellcaster. The original Victor West was a forsaken mad scientist who had no magic, double crossed both his allies, and was slaughtered by his original ones.

No, he is not a vampyr, in D&D most of the necromancy life-steal based spells used 'Vampiric', like Vampiric Touch, Vampiric Blood, and the like, as the spells were designed to 'copy' the lifesteal capabilities of a Vampire!

Racial Abilities: Loses The Human Spirit Racial.
  • Every Man for Himself
  • Diplomacy
  • Touch of the Grave (Without unlimited water breathing, as the Forsaken Racial)
  • Dissect Corpse (As the Forsaken Racial 'Cannibalize', but the visual is him draining the lingering vitality out of the body to restore himself (rarely making a lumber-cutting animation with a meat clever on the corpse, blood spraying))

Covenant Abilities: He'd be Necrolord.
  • Kyrian Druid (Kindred Spirits functions normally, except the effect West grants his partner is 'Vampiric Shield', with its healing boosted by 20%, with this, you can have 2 Vampiric Shields up all the time)
  • Venthyr Warlock (Can be targeted onto an ally, it damages enemies in its path/heals allies in its path; upon reaching its destination, it explodes, inflicting Cripple on all enemies and Vampiric Shield on all allies for 12s; during those 12s, enemies also suffer from a Shadow DOT and allies gain health from a Shadow HOT)
  • Night Fae Warlock (Soul Rot is still cast on an enemy, except if you drain vitality an enemy, it functions normally, if you drain vitality on an ally to heal them, it also drains from enemies effected by Soul Rot to the targeted ally)
  • Necrolord Druid (Due to lacking real HOTs, when Adaptive Swarm is on a friendly target, it grants that target the healing from your Shadow DOTs as if they had your Vampiric Shield, otherwise boosts your damaging DOTs by 25% as normal (it has a more damage focus to it))

Class Abilities:
Utility Abilities
  • Purge (As Shaman, but can also be used on an ally to cleanse all Magic/Disease effects from them; always deals some damage when it removes a debuff from an enemy, as per the PvP talent (but by default), and to allies when it removes debuffs (but not per debuff removed))
  • Raise Ally (As Deathknight, but the cast time is that of a normal resurrection spell)
  • Mass Raising (As any Mass Resurrection spell, except the visual and 'flavor' is like a mass Raise Ally spell)
  • Mass Dispel (As Priest)
  • Control Undead (As Deathknight)
  • Defibrillate (Like Deathknights 'Raise Ally' ability, in that you raise an ally from the dead with reduced hit points and mana; the visual is an electrical shock)
  • Fear (As Warlock)
  • Cripple (Short cast time, applies a curse debuff that decreases movement speed by 30%, attack speed by 30%, and casting speed by 30%, limit of 1 per target for 1 minute)

Main Abilities
  • Lightning Bolt (As Shaman)
  • Chain Lightning (As Shaman)
  • Corruption (As Affliction Warlock)
  • Vampiric Touch (As Shadow Priest)
  • Shadow Mend (As Discipline Priest, but fulfills the role of the mana efficient, slower casting, big heal (with the small damaging debuff still))
  • Drain Vitality (Functions like Drain Life from Warlock when targeting enemies, or Health Funnel when targeting allies; the healing of the 'Health Funnel' affect deals X damage to you per tick, healing your target for 500% of X (fulfills the role of the expensive, but faster healing, as even 1 healing tick on an ally is rather potent))
  • Unholy Nova (Functions like Holy Nova, but its Shadow damage/Shadow healing, applies the Shadow Mend debuff to targets healed)
  • Vampiric Shield (Instant cast, can only be one target at a time, 9 charges, when the target takes damage the shield deals Shadow damage to the attacker, then heals the shielded target for the damage done; while benefitting from Vampiric Shield, your Shadow damaging DOTs heal them too)

Cooldown Abilities
  • Raise Ghoul (As the Non-Unholy Deathknight Ability)
  • Sacrificial Pact (Kills the ghoul to self-heal for 25% of max HP, doing some AoE damage)
  • Shadow Covenant (As Discipline Priest, but debuffs Frost/Nature spells and a 45s CD)
  • Death Pact (As Deathknight's talent, but 1 min CD)
  • Unholy Frenzy (Functions like Power Infusion, granting 25% Haste for 20s, but has a 1.5min CD. In return for 30s off the cooldown, while it lasts, the target suffers the DOT from Shadow Mend)

Passive Abilities
  • Mastery: Shadow Weaving (Your damage is increased by X% of Mastery for each of your DOTs on the target (Corruption, Vampiric Touch, and Devouring Plague/Phantom Singularity if talented; healing you gain from your DOTs (as well as targets with your Vampiric Shield) is increased by Y% per target affected by one of your DOTs)
  • Shadow Rod (DOT damage has a chance to empower your next Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning with Shadow, increasing its effectiveness by 50% and reducing its casting time by 50%; can stack twice)
  • Vampiric Embrace (50% of healing you gain or provide from Drain Vitality is copied for the target with your Vampiric Shield)

Talents: Based on pre-Dragonflight talents!
Level 15
  • Schism (As Discipline Priest)
  • Inevitable Demise (Damaging an enemy with Vampiric Touch, or an ally with the DOT from Shadow Mend/Unholy Nova, increases the damage dealt by Drain Vitality by 15% on enemies, or the healing done by Drain Vitality by 15% on allies. This effect stacks up to 50 times)
  • Unfurling Darkness (As Shadow Priest)

Level 25
  • Siphon Life (Corruption is now permanent (or 24s vs players), deals 15% more damage, and now heals you for 30% of the damage it deals)
  • Masochism (The DOT from Shadow Mend/Unholy Nova now heals you instead, and reduces all damage you take by 10% for its duration; yes, casting Power Infusion on yourself turns its 'DOT' into HOT and damage reduction for you as well)
  • Devouring Plague (Requires the target to suffer from Corruption and Vampiric Touch from you, as it consumes both debuffs to apply this Disease that does more damage then both DOTs combined, and heals you for 50% of the damage dealt similar to Vampiric Touch)

Level 30
  • San'layn (Increases the healing you get from your dots by 25%, and the healing from Vampiric Embrace by 25% as well)
  • Unholy Speed (Unholy Frenzy also increases movement speed by 50% for its duration)
  • Death Ward (The cooldown of Death Pact increases by 1 minute, but instead of absorbing 30% of healing you'd get, you get an absorption shield instead, it still heals you for 50% of your maximum hit points)

Level 35
  • Sow the Seeds (If Unholy Nova damages an enemy with Corruption, it spreads a copy of their current Corruption debuff to 2 additional targets in the radius)
  • Phantom Singularity (This counts as one of your DOTs for Mastery and Vampiric Shield healing)
  • Shadow Crash (As Shadow Priest, but generates 1 charge of Shadow Rod)

Level 40
  • Psychic Horror (As Shadow Priest, except it has a 30s CD, but must consume a Fear effect to stun them)
  • Mortal Coil (As Warlock)
  • Howl of Terror (As Warlock)

Level 45
  • Shadow Embrace (As Affliction Warlock, and is applied through Drain Vitality (similar to Drain Soul), it also applies Shadow Embrace to allies you heal with it, which increases healing done to them by the same amount (3% for 16s, stacking 3 times))
  • Haunt (As Affliction Warlock, except it can ALSO cast on an ally to heal them directly, and increase healing done to the target by 10% for 18s; if the ally dies while effected by Haunt, the cooldown is reset and the next Haunt is instant cast)
  • Vampiric Bargain (Shadow Covenant also casts Vampiric Shield on targets healed by it, these Vampiric Shields are not connected to your casting of it, meaning you could have 6 active shields at once, but they end immediately once Shadow Covenant goes off cooldown)

Level 50
  • Vampiric Mirror (You gain 'Vampiric Barrier' as an ability, functioning exactly like Vampiric Shield and sharing in its benefits)
  • Creeping Death (Your damaging DOTs deal their full damage 15% faster)
  • Unholy Madness (Unholy Frenzy also increases your critical strike chance by 30%, going down by 1% every 1 second that passes, so that when it ends, you have 10% bonus critical strike chance)

PvP Talents
  • Dark Simulacrum (As Deathknight)
  • Decomposing Aura (As Blood Deathknight, the damage done is restored to you and your Vampiric Shield targets)
  • Reanimation (10s CD to reanimate a nearby corpse, it spawns closer however, Shadow Rod procs reset its cooldown)
  • Rotting Nova (Unholy Nova's effect absorbs healing to targets hit equal to the damage or healing it did)
  • Improved Mass Dispel (As Priest)
  • Unholy Drive (While Unholy Frenzy is on cooldown, taking damage reduces its cooldown by 3s)
  • Bane of Shadows (As Affliction, can ALSO be cast on an ally to treat them as a Vampiric Shield target, and increase the healing they get from Vampiric Shield by 20%)
  • Essence Drain (As Warlock, but applies to Drain Vitality)
  • Rot and Decay (Each time Drain Vitality deals damage, it increases the duration of your Corruption, Vampiric Touch, and if talented then Devouring Plague as well, by 1s)

Legendary Picks: Shadowlands Legendaries
  • Kindred Affinity (As Druid)
  • Contained Perpetual Explosion (As Warlock, but the damage bonus of this legendary applies to healign done as well)
  • Decaying Soul Satchel (As Warlock)
  • Unbridled Swarm (As Druid)
  • Circle of Life and Death (As Druid, except the 'HOT' benefit is instead a 15% buff to the healing Vampiric Shield targets receive)
  • Unholy Twins (Unstable Frenzy also grants you 100% of its effects when used on an ally)
  • Claw of Endereth (As Warlock, but applies to Drain Vitality)
  • Measured Contemplation (As Shadow Priest)
  • Sacrolash's Dark Strike (As Affliction Warlock, except it increases the duration of Cripple by 1s)
  • Talbadar's Stratagem (While you have Corruption and Vampiric Touch active on the same target, OR Devouring Plague on the target (regardless of the other two), your Nature damaging spells deal 60% more damage)
  • Shadowy Infusion (You gain the Masochism talent, allowing you to pick another, its benefits also apply to your allies that suffer from its DOT effect)
  • Vampiric Harmony (Vampiric Shield healing is increased by 150% if your Vampiric Shield target is below 75% HP, and Shadow Mend adds a stack of Vampiric Shield back to your target, up to 9 maximum stacks)

Set Bonuses: From Shadowlands, Patch 9.2
  • 2-Set: Darkened Mind (Casting Vampiric Touch or Shadow Mend has a 40% chance to grant a stack of Shadow Rod; Drain Vitality has a 20% chance each time it damage/healing ticks to grant it too)
  • 4-Set: Dark Side (Shadow Rod increases the effectiveness of your next Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning effect by an additional 25% and a charge of Shadow Rod is granted when Shadow Covenant is cast)
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Dragonflight Victor West: The Good Doctor, whose name is based off both Victor Frankenstein and Herbert West, a mad scientist and doctor through and through!!

Baseline Abilities: Mana
  • Lighting Bolt (As Shaman)
  • Raise Ally (As a normal resurrection spell, like Resurrection)
  • Mass Raising (Like Mass Resurrection)
  • Defibrillate (Cast time like a warlock's "Soulstone" ability, but can only be used on someone who is already dead, like the Deathknight's "Raise Ally" spell)
  • Fear (As Warlock)
  • Corruption (As Warlock)
  • Drain Vitality (As Warlock's "Drain Life" spell)

Priest Tree Alterations: Priests are known healers after all! So it just fit.
Row One
  • Chain Lightning (As Shaman, replaces Prayer of Mending; Middle-path, left)
  • Vampiric Barrier (Replaces Shadow Word: Death; Auto-learned, protects the target with a shadowy shield, causing all Shadow DOT damage you deal to heal the target for 20% of the damage the dots do, and dealing Shadow damage back to the attacker every few seconds, consuming one of the 9 charges. Shadow damage dealt by a charge consumption heals the target for 100% of the damage dealt. Vampiric Barrier can only be placed on one target at a time; Middle-path, right)

Row Two
  • Shadow Crash (Replaces Renew; Functions as it does for Shadow Priest, generates no resources; Left-path, right)
  • Shadow Rod (Replaces Focused Mending; Your Shadow DOT damage has a chance to empower your next Lightning Bolt or Chain Lightning with shadowy power, increasing their damage by 25% and reducing their casting time by 25%, stacking twice; Middle-path, left)
  • Electric Currents (Replaces Angelic Feather/Body and Soul; Instant, 3 charges, 20s recharge, makes your next spell castable while moving and Electric Currents is unaffected by GCD and can be casted while casting; Middle-path, middle)
  • Vampiric Mirror (Replaces Shadow Word: Death Rank 2; You can have Vampiric Barrier on yourself and one ally at the same time; Middle-path, right)
  • Shadow Mend (As Shadow Priest, replaces Shadow Mend; Right-path, left)

Row Three
  • Counterspell (As Mage, replaces Renewed Faith; Left-path, middle)
  • Vampiric Shadows (Replaces Benediction; Shadow Crash generates 1 charge of Shadow Rod (if known) if it hits an enemy, and heals allies hit by Shadow Crash but makes the ally take Shadow damage very 1s until they've taken a certain amount of damage from all sources or they leave combat; Left-path, right)
  • Purge / Greater Purge (Replaces Purify Disease; As Shaman, except it can be cast on allies to remove Magic effects from them (1 Magic effect for Purge, all Magic effects for Greater Purge), and with Victor's spec, it also causes Purge to remove 1 Poison and Curse from an ally, or all Curse/Poison effects if Greater Purge is used; Middle-path, left)
  • Cripple (Replaces Dispel Magic; 1.5s cast time, applies a Curse that decreases Movement Speed, Attack Speed, and Casting Speed by 30% for 1 minute, limit of 1 target; Middle-path, right)
  • Masochism (Beneficial spells you cast that leave dots on you, such as Shadow Mend, Unholy Nova, Unholy Frenzy, and Shadow Crash, now heal you instead and also reduce damage you take by 10%; Right-path, left)
  • Accrued Vitality (Replaces Mind Restrain; 2 ranks, Drain Vitality heals for an additional 15/30% of the amount siphoned over 10s (if you drain an enemy, you heal for the bonus, if you donate to an ally, they heal for the bonus; Right-path, middle)

Row Four
  • Grounding Surge (As Mage, 2 ranks, replaces Say Your Prayers; Left-path, middle)
  • Desperate Gift (Replaces Enlightenment; 2 ranks, Drain Vitality heals you for 15/30% more if you're at 50% or lower, or heals allies for 15/30% more if they're at 50% or lower; Left-path, right)
  • Electrocute (Replaces Improved Smite; 2 ranks, when you successfully Purge a beneficial effect off an enemy, they suffer Nature damage over 3s, improved with 2nd range; Middle-path, left)
  • Unholy Frenzy (Replaces Power Infusion; Instant, 15s duration, 1.5 min CD, grants 25% Haste to the target but also damages them every 1s for those 15s; Middle-path, middle)
  • Nightmare (Replaces Improved Mind Blast; 2 ranks, when Fear or Cripple ends or is dispelled, the target is slowed by 15/30% for 4s; Middle-path, right)
  • Twist of Fate (As Priest, 2 ranks; Right-path, left)
  • Taming the Shadows (Beneficial spells you cast that leave a dot on allies, such as Shadow Mend, Unholy Nova, Unholy Frenzy, and Shadow Crash, have a 15% chance to deal no damage; Right-path, middle)

Row Five
  • Death Pact (As Deathknight, replaces Holy Nova; Left-path, right)
  • Unholy Speed (Replaces Leap of Faith; Unholy Frenzy also increases movement speed by 25% for its duration; Middle-path, left)
  • Mass Dispel (As Priest; Middle-path, middle)
  • Unholy Nova (Replaces Mind Control; Functions as Holy Nova, except allies gain the same DOT effect as from Shadow Mend; Middle-path, right)
  • Raise Ghoul (As Deathknight, replaces Shadowfiend; Right-path, left)

Row Six
  • Reanimator's Expertise (Replaces Cleric's Armaments; If your Vampiric Barrier is active on yourself, casting Chain Lightning or Lightning Bolt will consume 1 charge from your barrier to improve the damage by the amount you would have been healed for; Left-path, middle)
  • Death Ward / Ichor of Undeath (Replaces Improved Holy Nova; Death Ward increases the cooldown of Death Pact by 15s, but turns the 30% healing absorption into an absorption shield; Ichor of Undeath reduces the cooldown of Death Pact by 30s; Left-path, right)
  • Clear Mind (Purge/Greater Purge, Mass Dispel, Control Undead, and Drain Vitality costs 20% less mana; Middle-path, left)
  • Howl of Terror / Mortal Coil (As Warlock, replaces Angel's Mercy; Middle-path, middle)
  • Sow the Seeds (Replaces Dominant Mind; When Unholy Nova damages an enemy affected by your Corruption, it causes Corruption on that target to spread to 2 additional targets who were also damaged by Unholy Nova but did not have Corruption; Middle-path, right)
  • Enfeeble (Replaces Throes of Pain; 2 ranks, your ghouls attacks have a chance to apply Enfeeble, reducing their movement speed by 20/40% and reducing the damage they deal to you by 10/20% for 6s; Right-path, left)
  • Sacrificial Pact (As Deathknight, replaces Improved Shadowfiend; Right-path, middle)

Row Seven
  • Throes of Pain (Replaces Tools of the Cloth; 2 ranks, Corruption deals 5/10% additional damage over its duration and if an enemy dies while afflicted, you gain 5/10% of your maximum Mana; Left-path, right)
  • Control Undead (As Deathknight, replaces Shackle Undead; Middle-path, left)
  • Unholy Twins (Replaces Twins of the Sun Priestess; When you cast Unholy Frenzy on an ally, you also gain its effects; Middle-path, middle)
  • Tools for Surgery (Replaces Puppet Master; While your Vampiric Barrier is active on yourself, Unholy Nova will consume 1 charge of it to increase its healing and damage by the amount you would have been healed for; Right-path, left)

Row Eight
  • Improved Lightning Bolt (As Shaman, 2 ranks, replaces Blessing of Renewal; Left-path, middle)
  • Surging Shields (Replaces Charitable Soul; 2 ranks, increases the damage of Vampiric Barrier by 50/100% and your Shadow DOTs heal your Vampiric Barrier'd targets by an additional 5/10% (for 25/30% of the damage the DOTs deal); Middle-path, left)
  • Claw of Endereth (Replaces Translucent Image; Drain Vitality now channels 50/100% faster and restores health 50/100% faster when used on an ally, and channels/restores 30/60% faster when used on an enemy; Middle-path, right)
  • The Doctor's Monster (Replaces Mindbender; Your risen Ghoul becomes permanent; Right-path, middle)

Row Nine
  • Thunderstorm (As Shaman, replaces Unwavering Will; Left-path, middle)
  • Unholy Madness (Replaces Light's Inspiration; Unholy Frenzy also increases your critical strike chance by 15/30% for 15s, reduced by 1/2s every 1s that passes; Middle-path, left)
  • Soul Rot (Replaces Tithe Evasion; As Affliction Warlock, except it will affect allies with the Soul Rot debuff, healing them instead, and if you use Drain Vitality, you will both drain from enemies and donate to allies; Middle-path, right)
  • Unholy Command (Replaces Rabid Shadows; 2 ranks, your ghouls attack speed is increased by 5/10%; Right-path, middle)

Row Ten
  • Thundershock / Lightning Lasso (As Shaman, replaces Holy Word: Life; Left-path, middle)
  • Shadow Ward (Replaces Crystalline Reflection; Vampiric Barrier instantly heals the target for some health, and when a charge is consumed to deal damage back to the attacker then heal the shielded the target, the damage is increased by 20% of the original attack; Middle-path, left)
  • Decaying Soul Satchel (As Affliction Warlock, 2 ranks, replaces Mindgames; Middle-path, right)
  • Plagued Prism (Replaces Shadowflame Prism; Shadow Rod improved Lightning Bolt/Chain Lightnings cause your ghoul's leap to come off cooldown and be used instantly on your primary target, slashing them and up to 4 other targets near them for Plague damage. Each time your ghoul leaps, it reduces the cooldown of Raise Ghoul by 1s and the cooldown of Sacrificial Pact by 2s; Right-path, middle)

Affliction Warlock Tree Alterations: Despite being more of a mage then a warlock, this one just fit in terms of placing talents!
Row One
  • Vampiric Touch (As Shadow Priest, replaces Malefic Rapture; Middle-path, middle)

Row Two
  • Devouring Plague (Replaces Unstable Affliction; Consumes your Corruption and Vampiric Touch to apply Devouring Plague instantly, combining the damage those dots would have done over their remaining duration but done over 16s, healing you for 30% of the damage it deals, stacking with any healing you may get from Vampiric Barrier; Middle-path, left)
  • Health Funnel (Replaces Seed of Corruption; Drain Vitality can now be used on allies, including your ghoul, to donate your health to them, healing them 500% of the health you lose; Middle-path, right)

Row Three
  • Stormbringer (Replaces Nightfall; Corruption damage has a chance to make Lightning Bolt instant cast and deal 25% increased damage; Left-path, right)
  • Lichblight Teachings (Replaces Xavian Teachings; Corruption is now instant cast and deals damage on cast; Middle-path, middle)
  • Searing Nightmare / Misery (Replaces Sow the Seeds; Searing Nightmare as Shadow Priest, but used during Drain Vitality to explode around your primary target, applying Corruption to all enemies hit by the Searing Nightmare explosion, or increasing the damage they suffer from Searing Nightmare by 100% if they already had your Corruption; Misery makes it so Vampiric Touch applies Corruption, and Corruption lasts 5 additional seconds; Right-path, left)

Row Four
  • Inevitable Demise (2 ranks, damaging an enemy with Vampiric Touch, or damage you deal to allies through abilities like Shadow Mend, Unholy Nova, Unholy Frenzy, and Shadow Crash, increases the damage dealt by Drain Vitality by 7/15% on enemies, or the healing done by 7/15% on allies, stacking 50 times; Left-path, middle)
  • Insidious Ire (Replaces Pandemic Invocation; 2 ranks, when you have Devouring Plague, OR Corruption and Vampiric Touch active on the same target, your Nature spells deal 5/10% more damage to them; Middle-path, left)
  • Pandemic Invocation (Replaces Writhe in Agony; 2 ranks, refreshing Corruption, Devouring Plague, or Siphon Life with less then 5s remaining, will deal bonus Shadow damage, counting as DOT damage for healing your Vampiric Barrier'd targets, but healing them for 100/200% of the bonus shadow damage dealt by refreshing them; Middle-path, right)
  • Rot and Wither (Replaces Agonizing Corruption; Drain Vitality has a 5/10% chance to extend Vampiric Touch and Corruption by 1/2s; Right-path, middle)

Row Five
  • Phantom Singularity / Vile Taint (Replaces Drain Soul; Phantom Singularity functions as it does for Affliction Warlock, counting as shadow DOT damage; Vile Taint has no Soul Shard cost, but a 25s CD, and applies your Vampiric Touch and Cripple to targets hit instead of Agony and Curse of Exhaustion; Left-side, right)
  • Vampiric Embrace (Replaces Siphon Life/Absolute Corruption; 2 min CD, fills you with Shadow energy for 15s, causing you to heal a nearby ally for 50% of any single-target spell damage you deal, this includes DOT damage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Siphon Life / Unfurling Darkness (Replaces Phantom Singularity/Vile Taint; Siphon Life as Affliction Warlock, Unfurling Darkness as Shadow Priest; Right-path, left)

Row Six
  • Psychic Horror (As Shadow Priest, replaces Soul Tap; Left-path, middle)
  • Mental Fortitude (As Shadow Priest, 2 ranks, replaces Shadow Embrace; Middle-path, left)
  • San'layn (As Shadow Priest, replaces Grimoire of Sacrifice; Middle-path, middle)
  • Shadow Embrace (Replaces Soul Flame; 2 ranks, Drain Vitality applies Shadow Embrace, increasing the damage you deal to the enemy by 1.5/3%, or increasing the healing you do to the ally by 1.5/3%, lasting for 16s, stacking 3 times; Middle-path, right)
  • Damnation (Replaces Soul Swap; 45s CD, applies Vampiric Touch and Corruption to the target, and Devouring Plague/Siphon Life if known, 40 yd range; Right-path, middle)

Row Seven
  • Sacrolash's Dark Strike (Replaces Harvester of Souls; 2 ranks, Corruption damage is increased by 7/15% and each time it deals damage, it increases the duration of your Cripple on the target by 1/2s; Left-path, right)
  • Dark Lightning (Replaces Withering Bolt; 2 ranks, Lightning Bolt and Chain Lightning deals 7/15% increased damage per DOT effect you have active on the target; Middle-path, middle)
  • Harvester of Souls (As Affliction Warlock, 2 ranks, replaces Sacrolash's Dark Strike; Right-path, left)

Row Eight
  • Adaptive Swarm (Replaces Deathbolt; 25s CD, 40 yd range, instant. Commands a swarm that heals allies or deals Shadow damage to enemies, to a single target for 12s. Increases the effectiveness of your DOT effects on affected enemies by 25%, while allies are healed by your DOT damage as if they had your Vampiric Barrier. Upon expiration, the swarm finds a new target, preferring to alternate between friend and foe up to 3 times; Left-path, middle)
  • Dark Transformation (Replaces Soul Rot; As Unholy Deathknight, except if your ghoul isn't permanent, then it freezes its duration for the duration of Dark Transformation; Middle-path, left)
  • Haunt (As Affliction Warlock; Middle-path, right)
  • Shadow Covenant (Replaces Summon Darkglare; As Discipline Priest, but 40s CD and reduces the damage of your Nature spells by 50% and increases their mana cost by 10%; Right-path, middle)

Row Nine
  • Unbridled Swarm (As Restoration Druid, 2 ranks, replaces Death Dealer; Left-path, middle)
  • Stolen Power (Replaces Malefic Wrath; Drain Vitality increases the damage of your next Lightning Bolt / Chain Lightning by 20% for 10s, stacking 3 times; Left-path, right)
  • Ghoulish Frenzy (Replaces Decaying Soul Satchel; 2 ranks, Dark Transformation increases the attack speed and damage of your Monstrosity by 4/8% and your casting speed and damage/healing done by 4/8%; Middle-path, left)
  • Thunderous Demise (Ranks Deliberate Malice; 2 ranks, casting Chain Lightning increases the damage or healing of your next Nature or Shadow spell by 10/20%; Middle-path, middle)
  • Seized Vitality (As Affliction Warlock, 2 ranks; Middle-path, right)
  • Wrath of Consumption (Corruption and Vampiric Touch each grant an application of Wrath of Consumption when a target dies, increasing all DOT damage you do by 3% for 30s, stacking 5 times; Right-path, left)
  • Embrace Shadow (As Discipline Priest, 2 ranks, replaces Antoran Plating; Right-path, middle)

Row Ten
  • Unholy Blight (Replaces Pact of the Nathrezim; Your Adaptive Swarm becomes more violent, doing AoE damage to enemies around target's affected by your Adaptive Swarm, and when an enemy first gets Adaptive Swarm, it infects them with your Corruption; Left-path, middle)
  • Unholy Pact (Replaces Creeping Death; Dark Transformation creates an unholy pact between you both, causing enemies between you and your monstrosity to take Shadow damage, which counts as 'DOT' damage to heal Vampiric Barrier targets, and increases your Intellect by 5%; Middle-path, left)
  • Stormkeeper (As Elemental Shaman, replaces Calamitous Crescendo; Middle-path, middle)
  • Haunted Soul (Your Haunt spell also increases the damage of your DOT effects on all targets by 20% while active, and when it ends or is dispelled, and the soul returns to you, all party/raid members are also healed for 50% of the damage it did to the target; Middle-target, right)
  • Vampiric Bargain (Replaces Wilfred's Sigil of Superior Summoning; Targets healed by Shadow Covenant also gain Vampiric Barrier until either Shadow Covenant comes off cooldown, or their Barrier runs out of charges; Right-path, middle)
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