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Lavasmith Class Idea
Ovric is a Father of Embers, a former cult member dedicated to Ragnaros, a cult of embers, binding fire elementals into their very bodies to be closer to Ragnaros's divine will. Although he's since become friends with his elemental, known as 'Sparkflame', he struggles to connect with the elements of Air, and simply cannot attune to the element of Water!

Racial Abilities: Loses Mole Machine, Dungeon Delver, and Mass Production
  • Fireblood (As the Dark Iron Racial)
  • Forged in Flames (Also reduces Fire damage taken by 1%)
  • Molten Smithy (As the Lightforged Draenei Racial 'Forge of Light', except it allows ore to be smelted)
  • Sparkflame's Burst (As the Lightforged Draenei Racial 'Light's Reckoning', but it deals Fire damage and dazes targets for 3s; no healing aspect)

Covenant Abilities: As fun as Necrolord looks, he'd be Kyrian
  • Kyrian Paladin (Applies Flame Shock)
  • Venthyr Shaman
  • Night Fae Paladin (Blessing of Summer adds fire damage, not holy damage)
  • Necrolord Demon Hunter (Fodder to the Flame summons fire elementals, which Flame Shock auto-kills, dealing high Fire damage and summoning a Lava Spawn for 30s)

Class Abilities: Mana, and 5 Burning Embers; each one composed of 10 Burning Fragments
Utility Abilities
  • Ancestral Spirit (As Shaman)
  • Astral Recall (As Shaman)
  • Purge (As Shaman)
  • Remove Curse (As Shaman)
  • Banish (As Warlock)
  • Elemental Binding (As Subjugate Demon, but applies to Elementals)
  • Flametongue Weapon (As Shaman)
  • Earthbind Totem (As Shaman)
  • Tremor Totem (As Shaman)
  • Command Elemental (1min CD; Fire Elemental casts Soul Burn, an instant fire damage hit that applies a 3s blanket silence, and a 6s 30% attack/casting speed reduction to the target; magic effect; Earth Elemental casts Pulverize, a 4s physical stun which also causes the Earth Elemental to charge up to the target to use it (so there may be a delay))
  • Elemental Attunement (As Warlock's 'Fel Dominion' spell)
  • Conjure Elemental (1 Burning Ember to cast, long cast time, summons a Fire or Earth Elemental Pet; Fire Elemental auto attacks with 'Incinerate', casts 'Immolate' on cooldown; Earth Elemental has melee auto attacks, passive AoE ability that redirects aggro to itself, auto attacks also deal AoE damage)

Main Abilities
  • Flame Shock (As Elemental Shaman)
  • Lava Lash (As Enhancement Shaman, 16s CD, generates 1 Burning Ember)
  • Lava Burst (As Elemental Shaman, 8s CD, generates 5 Burning Fragments, or 1 Burning Ember on a critical hit; always critically hits when hitting a target with Flame Shock)
  • Lava Beam (Generates 5 Burning Embers per target hit, otherwise its Chain Lightning as per Elemental Shaman)
  • Lava Bomb (45s CD, sacrifices a Lava Spawn to create a Lava Bomb at a target location, it explodes after 2s, dealing AoE fire damage and stunning targets for 3s (within 8yds of the bomb), Lava Bomb has the HP of a Lava Spawn; priories the Lava Spawn with the lowest duration, or lowest health if duration is tied)
  • Conjure Lava Spawn (Short cast time, spend 3 Burning Embers to summon 1 Lava Spawn; Lava Spawn lasts for 30s, cast Fireball to generate 1 Burning Ember for itself, and upon reaching 5 Burning Embers, it casts 'Split', a longer cast time then Fireball that spawns a duplicate Lava Spawn (sharing the same HP and duration remaining); when a Lava Spawn disappears, it triggers Lava Surge)
  • Shield of Embers (Spend 3 Burning Embers to instantly deal an arc of Fire damage in front of you with your shield; spreads Flame Shock)

Cooldown Abilities
  • Flame Walk (1 mind CD, 6s duration, increases movement speed by 60%, cannot be slowed below 120% movement speed, immune to forced movement effects/knockbacks, and can walk on lava for the duration; leaves a trail of fire behind)
  • Heroism (As Shaman)
  • Blazing Barrier (1min CD, triggers your Fire Shield passive at 30% of your max HP, while it lasts the passive is disabled, lasts 20s)

Passive Abilities
  • Fire Shield (Single target fire damaging spells you and your minions do grant you and your Lava Spawn(and Lava Bombs lol) absorb shields for 7% of the direct damage dealt, lasting 20s, up to 10% of your maximum health; these absorb shields deal some fire damage to melee attackers)
  • Cauterize (As Fire Mage)
  • Fire Control (Lava Burst critical strikes and Lava Lash add 0.5s onto the duration of your existing Lava Spawns, Shield of Embers adds 0.5s per target hit, to a maximum of 2.5s added)
  • Lava Surge (As Elemental Shaman)
  • Elemental Fury (As Elemental Shaman)
  • Mastery: Lavashaper (Increases the chance to trigger Lava Surge by ~.05% of Mastery, all Fire/Physical/Nature damage done by ~.5% of Mastery, and increases spellcasting speed of your Lava Spawn's by ~.25% of Mastery)

Talents: Based on pre-Dragonflight talents!
Level 15
  • Lashing Flames (As Enhancement Shaman)
  • Fiery Zeal (Flame Shock empowers you with fiery zeal, causing your next 3 auto attacks to occur 30% faster and deal bonus fire damage)
  • Soul Fire (45s CD, 4s cast time, harness raw fire to burn the soul of the target, dealing Fire damage, generating 1 Burning Ember, and applying Flame Shock to the target)

Level 25
  • Echo of the Elements (Flame Shock, Lava Lash, and Lava Burst have 2 charges now, effects that reset the cooldown now grant 1 charge)
  • Hot Hand (As Enhancement Shaman)
  • Earthen Rage (As Elemental Shaman)

Level 30
  • Blazing Soul (Your block chance is increased by 15%, and you can block spells; successful blocks deal Fire damage back to the attacker)
  • Earth Shield (As Shaman)
  • Frenetic Speed (As Fire Mage, but triggered by Lava Burst for +30% movement speed for 4s)

Level 35
  • Blast Wave (As Fire Mage)
  • Liquid Magma Totem (As Elemental Shaman)
  • Fire Nova (As Enhancement Shaman; also causes the Immolate of your Fire Elemental to flare up)

Level 40
  • Sundering (As Enhancement Shaman)
  • Earthgrab Totem (As Restoration Shaman)
  • Lava Bomber (Reduces the cooldown of Lava Bomb by 3s for each enemy it stuns, up to a maximum reduction of 15s)

Level 45
  • Fiery Split (2min CD, instant, causes all your current Lava Spawns to cast 'Split', regardless of their Burning Ember count; these new copies have 0 Burning Embers)
  • Primal Elementalist (Primal Fire Elemental has 'Meteor', out which pops a Lava Spawn; Primal Earth Elemental has 'Harden Skin', and its auto attacks can knock targets off their feet)
  • Surge of Power (Casting Command Elemental buffs your next spell; Summon Lava Spawn creates 2 Lava Spawns; Shield of Ember maximizes your Fire Shield passive; Lava Lash generates a 2nd Burning Ember and critically hits)

Level 50
  • Burning Conduit (Each Burning Ember spent has a 15% chance to be refunded)
  • Channel Lava (25s CD, 3s channeled cast time, 40yd range; launches 15 bolts of liquid magma over 3s at random targets afflicted by your Flame Shock/Elemental's Immolate, each bolt dealing Fire damage and a smaller AoE Fire damage amount)
  • Ascendance (As Elemental Shaman, but allows casting while moving, grants Lava Lash a 30yd range, Shield of Embers now burns in a 15yd radius around you when cast, and Lava Spawns halt their duration during Ascendance)

PvP Talents
  • Control of Lava (As Elemental Shaman)
  • Counterstrike Totem (As Shaman)
  • Flamecannon (As Fire Mage)
  • Grounding Totem (As Shaman)
  • Lightning Lasso (As Shaman)
  • Ring of Fire (As Fire Mage)
  • Shamanism (As Enhancement Shaman)
  • Skyfury Totem (As Elemental Shaman)
  • Static Field Totem (As Enhancement Shaman)
  • Tinder (As Fire Mage, but applies to Lava Burst)
  • Unleash Shield (As Shaman, but Fire Shield applies Flame Shock to your target)

Legendary Picks: Shadowlands Legendaries
  • Divine Resonance
  • Elemental Conduit (Allies get a healing-version of Flame Shock called 'Cauterizing Shock')
  • Seasons of Plenty
  • Blackrock Oath (When Fodder to the Flame's elemental explodes, it inflicts Flame Shock to 5 nearby enemies, and spawns a second Lava Spawn)
  • Of Dusk and Dawn (As Paladin)
  • Deeply Rooted Elements (As Elemental Shaman)
  • Ancestral Reminder (As Shaman)
  • Relic of Fiery Synergy (As Destruction Warlock's 'Relic of Demonic Synergy', but for your Conjured Elemental)
  • Skybreaker's Fiery Demise (Flame Shock DOT critical strikes reduce the CD of Command Elemental by 0.5s, and Flame Shock has a 50% increased chance to critically hit)
  • Primal Lava Actuators (Flame Shock DOT damage increases the damage of your next Lava Lash by 12%, and reduces its cooldown by 0.5s)
  • Molten Skyfall (Damaging an enemy with 25 Lava Lashes/Lava Bursts causes your next Lava Burst to call down a meteor on the target; hitting players count as double)
  • Relentless Scion (Spending Burning Embers grant you 1% Haste per spending ability for 12s, stacking 6 times)

Set Bonuses: From Shadowlands, Patch 9.2
  • 2-Set: Ritual of Fire (Every 10 Burning Ember spent grants Ritual of Fire, making your next Summon Lava Spawn or Shield of Embers consume no Burning Embers and have no cast time)
  • 4-Set: Avatar of Magma (When Summon Lava Spawn/Shield of Embers consume a charge of Ritual of Fire, your Fire Elemental becomes a Firelord, and your Earth Elemental a Stonelord, greatly enhancing their abilities (casting faster, more likely to knock foes off their feat, Meteor summons 2 Lava Spawns, Harden Skin applies to you as well)
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Dragonflight Ovric: Formerly of the Scions of Embers, opponent of the Cult of Ragnaros, Ovric seeks to create a more elemental friendly future for the Dark Iron people. Serving Smolderon is a solid start, but his people are not the forgiving type, preferring to enslave or press elementals into service rather then peaceful union and offering favors for favors.

Baseline Abilities: Mana and 5 Burning Embers, 10 Fragments each similar to a Warlock
  • Lava Burst (As Shaman, but generates 5 Burning Fragments, 1 if it critically strikes)
  • Primal Strike (Becomes Lava Lash)
  • Flame Shock (As Shaman, but generates 1 Burning Fragment on damage, and a 50% chance to generate a second Fragment on a critical hit)
  • Flametongue Weapon (As Shaman)
  • Far Sight (As Shaman)
  • Astral Recall (As Shaman)
  • Heroism (As Shaman)
  • Elemental Binding (As Subjugate Demon, but for Elementals)
  • Earthbind Totem (As Shaman)
  • Ancestral Spirit (As Shaman)
  • Conjure Lava Spawn (Costs 3 Burning Embers to cast, causes a fiery eruption beneath a target for Fire damage before summoning a Lava Spawn for 30s. This Lava Spawn will cast Fireball on your target, with each cast granting it its own Burning Ember charge, and upon reaching 5 charges it will cast Split to create an exact duplicate of itself (duration and health are both copied))
  • Lava Beam (Functions as Chain Lightning, just Fire damage, and generates 3 Burning Fragments per target hit)

Warlock Tree Alterations: Seemed to make the most sense...
Row One
  • Conjure Elemental (Replaces Fel Domination; Cost 1 Burning Ember, 1 min CD, summons a Fire or Earth elemental pet that lasts for 30s; Fire Elementals auto-attack with Incinerate casts and will cast Immolate if its off cooldown and its current target does not have Immolate or Immolate is about to fall off; Earth Elemental auto-attacks with its fists that deals minor AoE damage, and it passively redirects aggro to itself; Left-path, right)
  • Blazing Barrier (Replaces Curses of Enfeeblement; Auto-learned, otherwise as Fire Mage but damage triggers generates 1 Burning Fragment; Middle-path, middle)
  • Burning Rush (As Warlock; Right-path, left)

Row Two
  • Quick Beckoning (Replaces Quick Fiends; 2 ranks, reduces the cooldown of Conjure Elemental by 15/30s; Left-path, middle)
  • Accumulative Shielding (Replaces Demon Skin; 2 ranks, your barrier's cooldown recharges 10/20% faster while the shield persists; Middle-path, left)
  • Diverted Energy (Replaces Fel Armor; 2 ranks, your barrier heals you for 15/30% of the damage absorbed; Middle-path, right)
  • Flame Step (Replaces Flame Step; 2 ranks, reduces the damage dealt by Burning Rush by 25/50%, Burning Rush also increases your speed by an additional 5/10%; Right-path, middle)

Row Three
  • Wind Sear (As Shaman, replaces Spell Lock; Left-path, right)
  • Focused Insight (Replaces Accrued Vitality; 2 ranks, casting Flame Shock reduces the mana cost of your next Nature spell by 10/20%; Middle-path, middle)
  • Earthen Rage (Replaces Howl of Terror/Mortal Coil; Your damaging spells incite the earth around you to come to your aid for 6s, repeatedly dealing Nature damage to your most recently attacked target; Right-path, left)

Row Four
  • Earth Shield (As Shaman, replaces Amplify Curse; Left-path, middle)
  • Remove Curse (As Mage, replaces Demonic Embrace; Left-path, right)
  • Elemental Inspiration (Replaces Demonic Inspiration; Filling a Burning Ember increases the Haste of your primary pet by 5% for 8s; Middle-path, left)
  • Command Elemental (Replaces Demonic Circle; 30 second CD both have 30 yd range, Commands your Fire Elemental to cast "Soul Fire" on your target, an instant fire damaging ability that applies a 3s blanket silence and a 6s 30% reduction to casting/attack speed, or commands your Earth Elemental to cast "Pulverize" on your target, charging to them and stunning them for 4s; Middle-path, middle)
  • Wrathful Elements (Replaces Wrathful Minion; Filling a Burning Ember increases the damage done by your primary pet by 5% for 8s; Middle-path, right)
  • Purge / Greater Purge (As Shaman, replaces Demonic Fortitude; Right-path, left)
  • Banish (As Warlock; Right-path, middle)

Row Five
  • Elemental Orbit (Replaces Foul Mouth; You can have Earth Shield on yourself and one ally at the same time; Left-path, middle)
  • Elemental Warding (As Shaman, 2 ranks, replaces Desperate Power; Left-path, right)
  • Tremor Totem (As Shaman, replaces Sweet Souls; Middle-path, left)
  • Totemic Surge (As Shaman, 2 ranks, Lifeblood; Middle-path, middle)
  • Flurry (As Shaman, replaces Demonic Gateway; Middle-path, right)
  • Flame's Fury (Replaces Nightmare; 2 ranks, increases the critical strike chance of your Fire spells by 2/4%; Right-path, left)
  • Greater Banish (As Warlock; Right-path, middle)

Row Six
  • Cauterize (As Fire Mage, replaces Cauterize; Left-path, right)
  • Wind Rush Totem / Earthgrab Totem (As Shaman, replaces Strength of Will/Demonic Durability; Middle-path, middle)
  • Chaotic Embers (Replaces Shadowfury; Filling a Burning Ember has a low chance to instantly fill another Burning Ember; Right-path, left)

Row Seven
  • Brimming with Life (Replaces Ichor of Devils/Frequent Donor; While Cauterize is off cooldown, your maximum health is increased by 8% and while at full health, Cauterize cools down 25% faster; when Cauterize triggers, you gain a free Blazing Barrier; Left-path, middle)
  • Sulfuran Bond (Replaces Claw of Endereth; 2 ranks, damage done by you or your elemental pet has a chance to grant the other one 5/10% increased damage for 15s; Middle-path, left)
  • Surging Shields (Replaces Grimoire of Synergy; 2 ranks, increases the damage dealt by Blazing Barrier by 50/100% and increases the Burning Fragments it generates by 1/2 when the damage triggers, and increases the healing Earth Shield by 12/25%; Middle-path, right)
  • Blast Wave (As Fire Mage, replaces Darkfury/Shadowflame; Right-path, middle)

Row Eight
  • Soulburn (Replaces Teachings of the Black Harvest; Costs 1 Burning Ember, no CD, instant to buff the next ability you cast: Burning Rush (You gain a buff that allows you to cast while moving if under the effects of Burning Rush); Totemic Projection also refreshes the duration of any moved totems; Blazing Barrier (Also grants the barrier to your party/raid members within 40 yds); Purge/Greater Purge (Refunds the mana spent and also restores health to you if the purge was successful); Remove Curse (All Remove Curse casts for 6s also remove Poison/Magic effects from the target); Left-path, right)
  • Totemic Projection (As Shaman, replaces Soul Link; Middle-path, middle)
  • Pyreshock / Lightning Lasso (Replaces SoulburnPyreshock makes Blast Wave knock targets up into the air instead of away, and reduces its cooldown by 5s; Lightning Lasso as Shaman; Right-path, left)

Row Nine
  • Pact of Ragnaros (Replaces Pact of the Imp Mother; 2 ranks, Lava Lash and Shield of Embers deals 5/10% increased damage to enemies affected by Flame Shock; Left-path, middle)
  • Burning Conduit (Replaces Soul Conduit; 2 ranks, each Burning Ember spent has a 7/15% chance to be refunded; Middle-path, left)
  • Totemic Focus (Replaces Pact of the Annihilan; 2 ranks, increases the radius of your totems' effects by 7/15%, duration of Earthbind/Earthgrab totem by 5/10s, and increases the duration of Tremor Totem, Liquid Magma Totem, Stoneskin Totem, and Tranquil Air Totem by 1.5/3s; Middle-path, middle)
  • Ember's Gaze (Replaces Inquisitor's Gaze; 10s CD, instant, summons a minor fire spirit to attack your enemies for 1 hour; Middle-path, right)
  • Pact of Smolderon (Replaces Pact of the Eredar; 2 ranks, Lava Burst/Beam increases the damage of Flame Shock by 5/10% for 6s; Right-path, middle)

Row Ten
  • Fodder to the Flame (Replaces Summon Jailer; Your damaging spells and abilities have a chance to call forth an elemental from the elemental planes for 25s. Flame Shock deals lethal damage to the elemental, which explodes on death, dealing Fire damage to all nearby enemies and applying Flame Shock to them as well as summoning a Lava Spawn for 30s; Left-path, right)
  • Stoneskin Totem / Tranquil Air Totem (As Shaman, replaces Decimating Bolt; Middle-path, middle)
  • Liquid Magma Totem (As Elemental Shaman, replaces Dimensional Rift; Right-path, left)

Elemental Shaman Tree Alterations: Just made sense!
Row One
  • Lava Lash (Replaces Earth Shock; As Enhancement Shaman, replacing Primal Strike and generating 1 Burning Ember; Middle-path, middle)

Row Two
  • Shield of Embers (Replaces Earthquake; Costs 1-3 Burning Embers, dealing more damage and increasing the radius of the damage arc with each ember spent. Deals Fire damage and 1 target hit by it, if they had your Flame Shock, then it spreads your Flame Shock to 1 other target who was also damaged by Shield of Embers; Middle-path, left)
  • Elemental Fury (As Elemental Shaman; Middle-path, middle)
  • Lava Surge (As Elemental Shaman, replaces Fire Elemental/Storm Elemental; Middle-path, right)

Row Three
  • Spreading Embers / Fiery Redoubt (Replaces Tumultuous Fissures/Inundate; Spreading Embers makes it so when Shield of Ember's spread Flame Shock, it now spreads Flame Shock to all targets hit by Shield of Embers; Fiery Redoubt makes damage from Shield of Embers add to your current Blazing Barrier shield, or decreases its cooldown by 1s per target hit if the shield is now up; Left-path, right)
  • Elemental Attunement (Your Conjured Elemental becomes permanent and you can directly command them, replaces Primordial Fury/Ancestral Wolf Affinity; Middle-path, middle)
  • Primal Primer / Primal Lava Actuators (As Enhancement Shaman, replaces Refreshing Waters/Primordial Bond; Right-path, left)

Row Four
  • Blazing Targe (Replaces Call of Thunder; Wielding a Shield while Flametongue Weapon is active causes your Block chance to be increased by 15%, gives you the ability to block Spells, and makes your successful blocks deal Fire damage back to the attacker; Left-path, right)
  • Lava Bomb (Replaces Flow of Power; 45s CD, sacrifices the lowest duration Lava Spawn to create a Lava Bomb at a target location (if duration is tied, then lowest HP Lava Spawn), exploding after 2s, dealing AoE fire damage and stunning targets for 3s (within 8 yds of the bomb). Has the HP/defensive attributes of a freshly summoned Lava Spawn; Middle-path, middle)
  • Borne of Flame (Replaces Lava Surge; Conjure Lava Spawn has a 15% chance to trigger Lava Surge; Right-path, left)

Row Five
  • Fiery Wake (Replaces Unrelenting Calamity; Shield of Embers deals an additional 10% damage over 6s; Left-path, middle)
  • Pyroblast / Sundering (Replaces Icefury; 4s cast time, 45s CD, 40 yd range, deals heavy Fire damage and applies Flame Shock, generates 1 Burning Ember; Sundering as Enhancement Shaman; Middle-path, left)
  • Lava Bomber / Magma Cudgel (Replaces Swelling Maelstrom; Lava Bomber reduces the cooldown of Lava Bomb by 5s for each enemy it stuns, up to a maximum reduction of 20s; Magma Cudgel makes it so when Lava Bomb fades or is destroyed, a Lava Spawn is automatically summoned; Middle-past, middle)
  • Echo of the Elements (Flame Shock and Lava Burst have 2 charges now; Middle-path, right)
  • Call of Fire (As Elemental Shaman; Right-path, middle)

Row Six
  • Channel Lava / Fire Nova (Replaces Stormkeeper; Channel Lava functions like Channel Demonfire, except it targets enemies afflicted by your Flame Shock and those afflicted by your Fire Elemental's Immolate; Fire Nova as Enhancement Shaman, but also causes your Fire Elemental's Immolate on enemies to flare up as well; Left-path, middle)
  • Decimation (Replaces Flux Melting/Electrified Shocks; Your Lava Burst/Beam/Lash casts on targets with 50% or less health reduces the cooldown of Pyroblast by 5s and Sundering by 2s; Middle-path, left)
  • Surge of Power (Loses Aftershock; Casting Command Elemental buffs your next spell: Conjure Lava Spawn (Summons a second Lava Spawn); Shield of Ember (Maximizes your Fire Shield passive); Lava Lash (generates a 2nd Burning Ember and critically hits); Middle-path, right)
  • Flames of the Cauldron (As Elemental Shaman; Right-path, middle)

Row Seven
  • Raging Lava (Replaces Flash of Lightning, does NOT connect straight down; 2 ranks, Channel Lava fires an additional 2/4 bolts. Each bolt increases the remaining duration of Flame Shock/Immolate on all targets hit by 0.2/0.4s; Fire Nova generates 1/2 Burning Fragments per target affected; Left-path, left)
  • Flash of Flame (Replaces Eye of the Storm; Casting Lava Burst/Beam reduces the cooldown your Fire spells by 1s; Left-path, right)
  • Backlash (Replaces Power of the Maelstrom; 2 ranks, increases your critical strike chance by 2/4% and Physical attacks against you have a 12/25% chance to reset the cooldown of Lava Lash, but only once every 6s; Middle-path, middle)
  • Improved Flametongue Weapon (As Elemental Shaman, replaces Master of the Elements; Right-path, left)
  • Hot Hand (Replaces Improved Flametongue Weapon; 2 ranks, melee auto-attacks with Flametongue Weapon active have a 2/5% chance to reduce the cooldown of Lava Lash by 40/80% and increase the damage of Lava Lash by 50/100% for 8s; if Improved Flametongue Weapon is known, then Fire spells you cast also have a 2/5% chance to trigger Hot Hand; Right-path, right)

Row Eight
  • Fireland's Portal (Replaces Elemental Blast; 1 Burning Ember to cast, 2.5s cast time, 3 min CD: Tear open a portal to the Firelands for 15s. Every time you spend Burning Embers, you will also command elementals to come out and fight for you; Left-path, middle)
  • Ascendance / Deeply Rooted Elements (Replaces Primordial Wave; Ascendance has a 3 min CD, instant, transforms into a Flame Ascendant for 15s, allowing you to cast while moving, gives Lava Lash and your melee attacks a 20 yd range that only deals Fire damage, makes Shield of Embers damage all targets in a 15 yd radius around you when cast, and Lava Spawns halt their duration during Ascendance; additionally when you transform, you cast Lava Burst at all targets affected by your Flame Shock and refresh the duration of Flame Shock to 18s; Deeply Rooted Elements has a 8% chance to trigger on casting Lava Burst; Middle-path, left)
  • Ritual of Fire (Replaces Deeply Rooted Elements/Ascendance; Every 15 Burning Embers spent grants Ritual of Fire, making your next Conjure Lava Spawn or Shield of Embers consume no Burning Embers, and reducing their cast time by 50%; Middle-path, right)
  • Primal Elementalist / Fiery Split (Primal Elementalist causes your Fire Elemental to become Primal, gaining the "Meteor" spell, out of which pops a Lava Spawn, and your Earth Elemental to become Primal, gaining "Harden Skin" and gaining an Earthquake-like effect in a 15 yd radius around it; Fiery Split replaces Liquid Magma Totem and has a 2 min CD, instant, and causes all your current Lava Spawns to cast 'Split' regardless of their current Burning Ember count, then depleting the Burning Embers of all the Lava Spawns you now possess; Right-path, middle)

Row Nine
  • Dagran's Volition (Replaces Echoes of Great Sundering, does NOT connect straight up; 2 ranks, increases the duration of Fireland's Portal by 5/10s; Left-path, left)
  • Increasing Heat (Replaces Elemental Equilibrium, its path ends here, does not connect to row 10; 2 ranks, Lava Burst/Lava Lash deal 3/5% additional damage per elemental you have active; Left-path, right)
  • Oath of the Ember Speaker (Replaces Rolling Magma; 2 ranks, while Ascendance is active, gain 7/15% additional Haste; Middle path, left)
  • Fire and Brimstone (Replaces Echo Chamber; 2 ranks, Lava Burst hits secondary targets near your primary one for 7/15% damage and generating 1/2 Burning Fragments per extra target hit; Middle-path, middle)
  • Master Ritualist (Replaces Oath of the Far Seer; As Destruction Warlock, for Ritual of Fire, 2 ranks; Middle-path, right)
  • Forces of the Living Flame (Replaces Magma Chamber; 2 ranks, Conjure Lava Spawn has a 5/10% chance to cast a second time for free; Right-path, left)
  • Command Aura (Replaces Searing Flames; 2 ranks, while your Conjured Elemental is active, your Lava Spawns have 7/15% increased Haste and 5/10% increased damage; Right-path, right)

Row Ten
  • Sorcerer-Thane's Ambition (Replaces Lightning Rod/Stormkeeper; When Fireland's Portal ends, you summon a Firelord that gains power based on how many Burning Embers were spent, up to 10 embers while the portal was active. The Firelord lasts for 10s; Left-path, middle)
  • Further Beyond (Replaces Heat Wave/Splintered Elements; Spending Burning Embers during Ascendance extends its duration by 1.5s per Ember spent; Middle-path, left)
  • Embers of the Firelord (Replaces Mountains Will Fall; Your Lava Burst, and your Lava Spawn's Fireball's, generates 100% additional Burning Embers; Middle-path, middle)
  • Avatar of Magma (Replaces Further Beyond; When you consume Ritual of Fire, your current elemental becomes either a Firelord or Stonelord for 8s, granting them the effects of Primal Elementalist if you did not know that talent, or improving that talent if you did; if Primal Elementalist is known, then Meteor now summons a second Lava Spawn, and when your Stonelord's Harden Skin now applies to you as well when used; Middle-path, right)
  • Gifted Power (Replaces Windspeaker's Lava Resurgence/Skybreaker's Fiery Demise; When your Lava Spawn's cast Fireball or Split, you gain an application of Gifted Power. After you reach 50 applications, your next Lava Burst/Beam deals 50% increased damage, or your next Lava Lash deals 100% increased damage; Right-path, middle)
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