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Shadowmage Class Idea
Persine is a Void Elf that followed her mentor to the Void and back, unique void-consumed, she recognized that her mentor did not love her, and meant to sacrifice her, so she pushed him off the cliff to the endless void below, but the ritual accepted her sacrifice, and granted her the void powers her mentor hoped to gain.

Racial Abilities:
  • Chill of Night (As the Void Elf Racial)
  • Entropic Embrace (As the Void Elf Racial)
  • Preternatural Calm (As the Void Elf Racial)
  • Spatial Rift (As the Void Elf Racial)
  • Arcane Affinity (As the Blood Elf Racial)

Covenant Abilities: Roleplay and themeing makes her Kyrian
  • Kyrian Warlock (Generates 100 Spellshadow Power)
  • Venthyr Priest (Generates Spellshadow Power instead of Insanity)
  • Night Fae Mage
  • Necrolord Warlock (Buffs Shadowbolt)

Class Abilities: Mana & a 0-100 Spellshadow Bar
Utility Abilities
  • Arcane Intellect (As Mage)
  • Teleport/Portal (As Mage)
  • Conjure Refreshment (As Mage)
  • Slow Fall (As Mage)
  • Mind Soothe (As Priest)
  • Mind Vision (As Priest)
  • Remove Curse (As Mage)
  • Spellsteal (As Mage)
  • Invisibility (As Mage)
  • Fade (As Priest)
  • Conjure Mana Gem (As Arcane Mage)
  • Polymorph (As Mage)
  • Frost Nova (As Mage)
  • Slow (As Arcane Mage)
  • Counterspell (As Mage)
  • Blink (As Mage)

Main Abilities
  • Fire Blast (As Mage, kinda useless)
  • Frostbolt (As Mage, kinda useless)
  • Shadow Word: Pain (Generates 4 Spellshadow Power on cast
  • Void Word: Agony (As Vampiric Touch, but no life-steal aspect and shorter cast time, more shadow damage then Shadow Word: Pain, and its a curse, not a magic dot)
  • Arcane Blast (As Arcane Mage, but generates 12 Spellshadow Power)
  • Shadowbolt (As Warlock, but generates 10 Spellshadow Power, does less damage/casts faster then Arcane Blast)
  • Arcane Explosion (As Arcane Mage)
  • Arcane Missiles (Deals Arcane damage; generates 5 Spellshadow Power per wave of missiles fired)
  • Void Torrent (Requires 50 Spellshadow Power to cast; spends all your Spellshadow Power over its duration to deal bonus Shadow damage; deals a small damage radiation from target similar to a Priests 'Mind Shear')
  • Touch of the Magi (Generates 50 Spellshadow Power on cast, functions like Arcane Mage but it tracks Arcane, Shadow, and Spellshadow damage, and deals Spellshadow damage instead of Arcane damage; applies both Shadow Word: Pain and Void Word: Agony to the target)
  • Shadow Word: Death (As Shadow Priest)

Cooldown Abilities
  • Time Warp (As Mage)
  • Alter Time (As Arcane Mage)
  • Evocation (As Arcane Mage)
  • Dispersion (As Shadow Priest)
  • Prismatic Barrier (As Arcane Mage)
  • Mirror Image (As Mage)
  • Power Infusion (As Priest)

Passive Abilities
  • Dark Thoughts (Shadow Word: Pain/Void Word: Agony DOT procs can trigger a Dark Thought, which increases the number of charges of Shadowbolt by 1, and Shadowbolt can be cast instantly, even when channeling Void Torrent or Arcane Missiles)
  • Painful Lessons (Your successful Remove Curse, Spellsteal, Power Infusion, Dark Thought Shadowbolt casts, and Prismatic Barrier casts make your next Shadow Word: Pain apply Void Word: Agony too (and vice versa if in Shadowform))
  • Clearcasting (For each X mana you spend, you have a 1% chance to gain Clearcasting, making your next Arcane Missiles or Arcane Explosion free and channel 20% faster; Arcane Missile generates 1 extra wave)
  • Shadowform (After casting Power Infusion, you enter Shadowform for 20s (even if you didn't cast it on yourself), increasing your spell damage by 20%, and reducing damage you take by 10%)
  • Mastery: Savant (As Arcane Mage, except its Void Torrent instead of Arcane Barrage; and the general 'other Arcane damage dealt', its 'spell damage dealt')

Talents: Based on pre-Dragonflight talents!
Level 15
  • Fortress of the Mind (Boosts Shadowbolt/Arcane Missile damage by 10%, generates 20% more Spellshadow Power)
  • Death and Madness (As Shadow Priest)
  • Arcane Familiar (As Arcane Mage; but generates 4 Spellshadow Power when it damages an enemy)

Level 25
  • Master of Time (As Arcane Mage)
  • Shimmer (As Mage)
  • Intangibility (As Shadow Priest)

Level 30
  • Twist of Fate (As Shadow Priest)
  • Incanter's Flow (As Mage)
  • Rune of Power (As Arcane Mage)

Level 35
  • Nightmare (Void Torrent makes the target tremble in place for its duration)
  • Ice Ward (As Mage)
  • Ring of Frost (As Mage)

Level 40
  • Psychic Link (Shadowbolts deal 60% of their damage to all other targets afflicted by your Void Word: Agony within 40 yds)
  • Arcane Echo (As Arcane Mage)
  • Nether Tempest (As Arcane Mage)

Level 45
  • Damnation (Casting Void Torrent enhances your next spell cast within 15s; Shadow Word: Pain also applies Void Word: Agony; Arcane Blast also casts Shadowbolt at its target; Arcane Explosion also causes targets to run in fear for 3s)
  • Arcane Orb (As Arcane Mage)
  • Supernova (As Arcane Mage)

Level 50
  • Overpowered (Grants 25% increased damage during Power Infusion when you benefit from it, and critical strike chance increased by 40%, decreasing by 2s every 1 second that passes (10s left? 20% bonus critical strike chance))
  • Surrender to Madness (1.5min CD, instant, deals Shadow damage to your target and activates Shadowform for 30s, during which your Spellshadow-generating abilities generate 100% more Spellshadow Power and you can cast while moving; if the target does not die before this runs out, you die)
  • Enlightened (As Arcane Mage, but it just buffs spell damage, not arcane damage)

PvP Talents
  • Arcane Empowerment (As Arcane Mage, but for Void Torrent)
  • Arcanosphere (As Arcane Mage)
  • Greater Fade (As Priest)
  • Kleptomania (As Mage)
  • Megalomania (As Shadow Priest)
  • Netherwind Armor (As Mage)
  • Prismatic Shield (As Mage)
  • Temporal Shield (As Arcane Mage)
  • Torment the Weak (As Arcane Mage)
  • Void Shift (As Shadow Priest)
  • Void Volley (As Shadow Priest, upon entering Shadowform)

Legendary Picks: Shadowlands Legendaries
  • Languishing Soul Detritus
  • Shadow Word: Manipulation
  • Heart of the Fae
  • Shard of Annihilation
  • Twins of the Sun Priestess
  • Expanded Potential (As Arcane Mage)
  • Grisly Icicle (Your non-Frost damaging spells are increased by 15% when used against enemies in your Frost Nova, and don't break it either)
  • Triune Ward (As Mage)
  • Painbreaker Psalm (Shadow Word: Death consumes 8s of Shadow Word: Pain/Void Word: Agony to deal bonus damage and generate up to 30 Spellshadow Power)
  • Spellshadow Harmony (Each time Arcane Missile damages an enemy, the damage of your next Void Torrent is increased by 7%, stacking 15 times)
  • Siphon Storm (Evocation grants 35 Spellshadow Power over its duration, your Intellect is increased by 2% every 1s while channeling Evocation, lasting 30s)
  • Temporal Warp (As Arcane Mage)

Set Bonuses: From Shadowlands, Patch 9.2
  • 2-Set: Darkened Mind (Casting Void Torrent has a 40% chance to grant Dark Thought (Nether Tempest, if talented, has a 25% chance))
  • 4-Set: Arcane Lucidity (Dark Thought's increase the duration of Touch of the Magi by 2s, or reduce its cooldown by 4s)
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Dragonflight Persine: Forever tainted by the Void, Persine yet turns her arcane knowledge and shadowy might towards a brighter future for herself, her wife, and those she deems... useful (or those her wife tells her to assist)!

Baseline Abilities: Mana, and a bar of Spellshadow Power, that functions like Maelstrom
  • Frostbolt (As Mage)
  • Polymorph (As Mage)
  • Teleport / Portal (As Mage)
  • Frost Nova (As Mage)
  • Blink (As Mage)
  • Conjure Refreshment (As Mage)
  • Shadowfire Blast (12s recharge, 40 yd range, instant, deals Shadowflame damage, generates 10 Spellshadow Power)
  • Arcane Explosion (Generates 6 Spellshadow Power per target hit)
  • Counterspell (As Mage)
  • Arcane Intellect (As Mage)
  • Slow Fall (As Mage)
  • Arcane Blast (As Arcane Mage, but generates 12 Spellshadow Power instead)
  • Fade (As Priest)
  • Shadow Word: Death (As Priest, but baseline)
  • Shadow Word: Pain (As Shadow Priest, but generates Spellshadow Power isntead)

Mage Tree Alterations: She's mage...
Row One
  • Prismatic Barrier (As Arcane Mage; Middle-path, middle)

Row Two
  • Dispersion (As Shadow Priest, replaces Ice Block; Left-path, right)
  • Cone of Cold (As Mage; Middle-path, left)
  • Shatter (As Mage; Middle-path, right)
  • Invisibility (As Mage; Right-path, left)

Row Three
  • Rigid Ice (As Mage, 2 ranks; Left-path, middle)
  • Intangibility (Replaces Winter's Protection; 2 ranks, Dispersion has a 15/30s reduced cooldown, and lasts 1/2s longer; Middle-path, left)
  • Remove Curse (As Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Grounding Surge (As Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, right)
  • Incantation of Swiftness (As Mage, 2 ranks; Right-path, middle)

Row Four
  • Mirror Image (As Mage; Left-path, right)
  • Slow (As Mage; Middle-path, left)
  • Spellsteal (As Mage; Middle-path, right)
  • Alter Time (As Mage; Right-path, left)

Row Five
  • Reduplication / Reabsorption (As Mage; Left-path, middle)
  • Shadow Mending (Replaces Cyro-Freeze; 3 ranks, Dispersion heals you for 20/40/60% of your maximum health over its duration; Middle-path, left)
  • Incanter's Flow / Rune of Power (As Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Tempest Barrier (As Mage, 3 ranks; Middle-path, right)
  • Mass Polymorph / Psychic Scream (Mass Polymorph as Mage, Psychic Scream replaces Blast Wave and functions as Warlock's "Howl of Terror"; Right-path, middle)

Row Six
  • Tome of Rhonin (As Mage, 2 ranks; Left-path, right)
  • Improved Frost Nova (As Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, left)
  • Arcane Warding (As Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, right)
  • Tome of Antonidas (As Mage, 2 ranks; Right-path, left)

Row Seven
  • Ice Nova (As Mage; Left-path, middle)
  • Accumulative Shielding (As Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, left)
  • Shimmer / Ice Floes (As Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Temporal Velocity (As Mage; Middle-path, right)
  • Master of Time (As Mage; Right-path, middle)

Row Eight
  • Diverted Energy (Replaces Frigid Winds; 3 ranks, your Barriers heal you for 10/20/30% of the damage absorbed; Left-path, right)
  • Flow of Time (As Mage, 3 ranks; Middle-path, middle)
  • Translucent Image (Replaces Diverted Energy; 3 ranks, for the first 5 seconds of Fade, you take 4/8/12% reduced damage; Right-path, left)

Row Nine
  • Ring of Frost / Ice Ward (As Mage; Left-path, right)
  • Greater Invisibility (As Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Tithe Evasion (Replaces Dragon's Breath; Shadow Word: Death deals 15% less damage to the caster; Right-path, left)

Row Ten
  • Shifting Power (As Mage; Left-path, right)
  • Time Anomaly (As Mage, but if Void Infusion is known, then Arcane Surge also grants 6s of Shadowform, which reduces damage taken by 10% and grants 12% critical strike chance, reducing by 2% per 1s that passes; Middle-path, middle)
  • Mindgames (Replaces Meteor; As Shadow Priest, but generates Spellshadow Power instead of Insanity; Right-path, left)

Arcane Mage Tree Alterations: Still a mage!
Row One
  • Void Torrent (Replaces Arcane Barrage; requires 50 Spellshadow Power to cast, 40 yd range, no cooldown, spends all your Spellshadow Power over 2s)

Row Two
  • Arcane Missiles (As Arcane Mage, but generates 5 Spellshadow Power with every missile; Middle-path, middle)

Row Three
  • Painful Lessons (Replaces Rule of Threes; Your successful Remove Curse and Spellsteals, as well as Arcane Surge and Dark Thought-granted Shadow Flames make your next Shadow Word: Pain also cast Bane of Agony (Bane of Agony functions as Agony from Warlock, but if dispelled it fears the dispeller for 4s); Middle-path, left)
  • Clearcasting (As Arcane Mage; Middle-path, right)

Row Four
  • Arcane Familiar (As Arcane Mage, except its attacks generate 2 Spellshadow Power; Left-path, right)
  • Fortress of the Mind (Replaces Improved Arcane Missiles; 2 ranks, Shadow Flame and Arcane Missiles deal 5/10% more damage and generate 10/20% more Spellshadow Power; Middle-path, left)
  • Arcane Surge (As Arcane Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Improved Arcane Explosion (As Arcane Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, right)
  • Death and Madness (Replaces Impetus; If a target dies within 7s after being struck by your Shadow Word: Death, you gain 40 Spellshadow Power and the cooldown of Shadow Word: Death is reset; Right-path, left)

Row Five
  • Dark Thought (Replaces Arcane Tempo; Your DOTs can trigger a 'Dark Thought', which resets the cooldown of Shadow Flame and allows it to be cast while channeling Void Torrent or Arcane Missiles; Left-path, middle)
  • Improved Void Torrent (Replaces Improved Arcane Barrage; Void Torrent now radiates damage to all nearby enemies for 40% of the damage; Left-path, right)
  • Improved Prismatic Barrier (As Middle-path, left)
  • Mana Adept (Void Torrent grants you 2% of your maximum mana per 20 Spellshadow Power spent by it; Middle-path, right)
  • Nether Precision (As Arcane Mage; Right-path, left)
  • Amplification (As Arcane Mage; Right-path, middle)

Row Six
  • Damnation (Replaces Presence of Mind; Casting Void Torrent enhances your next spell cast within 15s; Shadow Word: Pain also applies Bane of Agony; Arcane Blast also fires a Shadow Flame at the target; Arcane Explosion reduces the cooldown of Arcane Surge by 2s per target hit, up to 10s reduction; Left-path, middle)
  • Surrender to Madness / Hungering Void (Replaces Foresight; Surrender to Madness as Shadow Priest, but triggers Shadow Form for 30s, granting 10% damage reduction and 30% critical strike chance, reducing by 1% per 1s; Hungering Void as Shadow Priest, except Shadow Flame applies void vulnerability and if Shadowform is active, it extends it (increasing the critical strike chance accordingly) by 1s; Left-path, right)
  • Enlightened (As Arcane Mage; Middle-path, left)
  • Void Infusion (Replaces Arcane Power; Arcane Surge lasts 3s longer, and triggers Shadowform for 15s, granting 10% damage reduction and 30% critical strike chance, reducing by 2% per 1s that passes; Middle-path, middle)
  • Monomania (Replaces Resonance; While channeling Void Torrent or Arcane Missiles, the damage of your Bane of Agony and Shadow Word: Pain on your current is increased by 100%; Middle-path, right)
  • Slipstream (As Arcane Mage; Right-path, left)
  • Improved Clearcasting (As Arcane Mage; Right-path, middle)

Row Seven
  • Eidolic Intuition (Replaces Nether Tempest; You have a greater chance to trigger Dark Thought, and Dark Thought can stack 2 times now; Left-path, left)
  • Nightmare (Replaces Chrono Shift; While channeling Void Torrent, the target trembles in place for its duration, or if immune to that, is slowed by 50% for the duration; Middle-path, left)
  • Touch of the Magi (As Arcane Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Supernova (As Arcane Mage; Middle-path, right)
  • Nether Tempest (Replaces Reverberate; As Arcane Mage, except the damage is increased by 60 per 20 Spellshadow power you have currently; Right-path, right)

Row Eight
  • Evocation (As Arcane Mage; Left-path, middle)
  • Darkened Mind (Replaces Prodigious Savant; 2 ranks, Void Torrent has a 25/50% chance to grant Dark Thought when it begins channeling, and increases the damage of Dark Thought Shadow Flame's by 25/50%; Left-path, right)
  • Arcane Echo (As Arcane Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, left)
  • Psychic Link (Replaces Arcane Bombardment; 2 ranks, Shadow Flame deals 45/70% of its damage to all other targets afflicted by your Bane of Agony within 40 yds; Middle-path, right)
  • Illuminated Thoughts (As Arcane Mage, 2 ranks; Right-path, left)
  • Conjure Mana Gem (As Arcane Mage; Right-path, middle)

Row Nine
  • Improved Evocation / Siphon Storm (As Arcane Mage, although Siphon Storm grants 100 Spellshadow Power over its duration; Left-path, middle)
  • Arcane Orb (As Arcane Mage, but generates 20 Spellshadow Power per target hit; Left-path, right)
  • Scouring Tithe (Replaces Radiant Spark; 1.5s cast time, 40s cooldown, 40 yd range. Deal Arcane damage instantly and Shadow damage over 18s. If the enemy dies under this effect, then gain 100 Spellshadow Power. If they survive, refresh the cooldown; Middle-path, middle)
  • Concentration (As Arcane Mage; Right-path, left)
  • Cascading Power (As Arcane Mage; Right-path, middle)

Row Ten
  • Charged Orb / Orb Barrage (As Arcane Mage; Left-path, right)
  • Soul Tithe / Languishing Soul Detritus (Replaces Harmonic Echo; Soul Tithe makes it so when an enemy dies under Soul Tithe, your Void Torrent deal 20% increased damage for 10s; Languishing Soul Detritus makes it so when Scouring Tithe generates Runic Power, you gain 100% increased movement speed and 45% increased critical strike chance for 8s. If it expires, you instead get 33% movement speed and 15% critical strike chance for 8s; Middle-path, middle)
  • Arcane Harmony (Each time Arcane Missiles hits an enemy, the damage of your next Void Torrent is increased by 5%. This effect stacks up to 20 times; Right-path, left)
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