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Shadowflinger Class Idea
A class idea I came up with while on vacation, its for a gunflinger shadow priest, a shadowfligner; the character itself is a human, a former doctor, named Alexander Crane!

Racial Abilities: Loses Diplomacy and The Human Spirit racials
  • Every Man for Himself (As the Human Racial)
  • Entropic Embrace (As the Void Elf Racial)
  • Shadow Resistance (As the Forsaken Racial)
  • Preternatural Calm (As the Void Elf Racial)

Covenant Abilities: He's likely Kyrian, surprisingly!
  • Kyrian Hunter
  • Venthyr Priest (Generates 1 Void Bullet if the reverse effect runs out)
  • Night Fae Warlock (Soul Rot as normal, except it makes your next Vampiric Shot cast within 8s free, and also hit nearby targets (similar to the AoE Drain Life effect), and causes you to regain 100% HP from these Vampiric Shots (and the Vampiric Wound they leave behind), instead of only 50%)
  • Necrolord Priest

Class Abilities: Mana / 5 Void Bullets (like Combo Points); uses a wand in the main hand for pistol autoshots; damage typing changing to the wand, but all abilities always do Shadow damage
Utility Abilities
  • Mind Vision (Like Priest)
  • Mind Soothe (Like Priest)
  • Dispel Magic (Like Priest)
  • Mass Dispel (Like Priest)
  • Shadow Mend (Like Shadow Priest)
  • Psychic Scream (Like Priest)
  • Mind Control (Like Priest)
  • Shadowstep (Like Subtlety Rogue)

Main Abilities
  • Shadow Word: Pain (Uses the hand not holding the pistol, otherwise as Shadow Priest)
  • Shadow Shot (Deals Physical damage, 1 charge, generates 1 Void Bullet, 6s CD; becomes Void Bullet during Voidform, which has 2 charges, deals Shadow damage, generates 1 Void Bullet, and has a 4s CD)
  • Vampiric Shot (Costs 1 Void Bullet, deals Shadow damage, heals for 50% of the damage it deals, and leaves behind a 'Vampiric Wound' on the target; no CD (Vampiric Wound functions exactly like Vampiric Touch))
  • Silencing Shot (Like Hunter's 'Counter Shot', but leaves a silence effect like Shadow Priest 'Silence' spell)
  • Shadow Shot: Death (Like Shadow Word: Death, except it costs 1 Void Bullet, and if the target dies then you get 2 Void Bullets and refresh Shadow Shot: Death)
  • Shadowy Apparition (Spends all Void Bullets to summon a Shadowy Apparition, this Apparition fires a bullet-like blats of shadow at all enemies within 40yds who have a Vampiric Wound on them; this can trigger your Mindflay Passive. The duration of this Apparition is based on how many Void Bullets you spend. If Shadowy Apparition is used again, any prior Shadowy Apparitions that remain fire again for half damage)
  • Black Powder (Spends all Void Bullets to deal damage in a Physical damage AoE around your target, leaving a 'Black Powder' debuff on targets, your next Shadow Shot against one of these targets will consume the Black Powder debuff to cause a secondary Black Powder explosion (lower damage); other targets with the Black Powder debuff caught in this secondary explosion also have their debuff's explode, but this secondary explosion does NOT leave the Black Powder debuff)
  • Rapid Fire (Functions like Rogue's 'Slice and Dice' ability, but for autoshot speed, and reducing the cooldown rate of varied 'Shot' abilities)

Cooldown Abilities
  • Shadowfiend (As Discipline Priest)
  • Void Barrage (CD like Shadow Priest, spends all your Void Bullets to fire a shot at all targets within 40yds who have a Vampiric Wound or Shadow Word: Pain DOT on them from you for each Void Bullet spent; instant cast, and triggers the Voidform passive for 3s per Void Bullet spent on it)
  • Greater Fade (As the PvP Talent for Priest, but baseline)
  • Dispersion (As Shadow Priest, but also grants spell immunity like Cloak of Shadows)
  • Vampiric Embrace (As Shadow Priest)

Passive Abilities
  • Mastery: Shadowform (Your damage is increased by .25X of your Mastery for each DOT of yours on the target, plus a random amount up to .5X of your Mastery as additional damage. Voidform treats all damage as if the target had both your DOTs (Vampiric Wound/Shadow Word: Pain); You also take .5X of your Mastery reduced damage from all attacks, plus a random amount up to .25X of your Mastery % additional reduced damage; Voidform increases the random amount from .25X to .5X of your Mastery)
  • Mindflayer (Shadowfiend and Autoshots add 1s to your target's current DOTs, 2s if the attack is a critical hit)
  • Dark Thought (Every Void Bullet spent has a 10% chance to reset a charge of Shadow/Void Shot, instantly and increasing the damage of your next Shadow/Void Shot by 20%)
  • Focus Will (Like Priest)
  • Voidform (Like Shadow Priest, but only corrupts Shadow Shot into Void Shot, and grants it its 2nd charge)

Talents: Based on pre-Dragonflight talents!
Level 15
  • Fortress of the Mind (Shadow/Void Shot deals 10% more damage as Shadow damage, plus a 15% chance to fire a second time (for more damage, and a 2nd Void Bullet))
  • Nightfall (Shadow Word: Pain damage has a chance to trigger Dark Thoughts)
  • Unfurling Darkness (Vampiric Shot makes your next one free and deal bonus Shadow damage, but only once every 15s)

Level 25
  • Absolute Pain (Shadow Word: Pain deals 15% more damage and lasts forever; or 24s against players)
  • San'layn (As Shadow Priest)
  • Intangibility (As Shadow Priest)

Level 30
  • Twist of Fate (As Shadow Priest)
  • Misery (As Shadow Priest, but for Vampiric Shot)
  • Shadowy Reload (30s CD, consume up to 2 dots on your target to instantly gain that many Void Bullets)

Level 35
  • Last Shot (Rapid Fire further decreases the cooldown of Silencing Shot by 20%)
  • Mind Bomb (As Shadow Priest)
  • Psychic Horror (Replaces Fear, but otherwise like Shadow Priest)

Level 40
  • Auspicious Spirits (Shadowy Apparitions last 15% longer and deal 15% more damage)
  • Psychic Link (As Shadow Priest, but applies to Shadow/Void Shot)
  • Shadow Crash (As Shadow Priest, but generates 1 Void Bullet per target hit)

Level 45
  • Damnation (As Shadow Priest, but applies Shadow Word: Pain, Vampiric Wound, and triggers a 1-combo point Shadowy Apparition)
  • Mindbender (As Shadow Priest, but its attacks still generate mana like normal, and its critical strikes generate 1 Void Bullet for you)
  • Shadowy Embrace (Shadow/Void Shot generate Shadowy Embrace, as Affliction Warlock)

Level 50
  • Ancient Madness (As Shadow Priest)
  • Hungering Void (Void Shot triggers it)
  • Soul Conduit (As Warlock, but its Void Bullets that refund it)

PvP Talents
  • Driven to Madness (While Voidform is not active, being attacked has a chance to grant a stacking buff that makes Void Barrage cheaper, stacking up to 5 times for a free 5-charge Void Barrage)
  • Improved Mass Dispel (As Priest)
  • Psyfiend (As Shadow Priest)
  • Thoughtsteal (As Priest)
  • Void Origins (As Shadow Priest)
  • Void Shift (As Shadow Priest)
  • Void Volley (As Shadow Priest, but only triggers on 5-combo point Void Barrages)
  • Shadowy Duel (Grants you Voidform for 5s instead of Stealth-based abilities, otherwise as Subtlety Rogue)
  • Silhouette (As Subtlety Rogue)
  • Veil of Midnight (You remain enveloped by shadows for 3s after Greater Fade or Dispersion fades, increasing your Dodge chance by 100%)

Legendary Picks: Shadowlands Legendaries
  • Pact of the Soulstalkers
  • Shadow Word: Manipulation
  • Decaying Soul Satchel
  • Pallid Command (As Shadow Priest)
  • Cauterizing Shadows (As Shadow Priest)
  • Measured Contemplation (As Shadow Priest)
  • Deeply Rooted Traumas (Spending Void Bullets have a 1% chance, stacking, to activate Voidform for 6s; if Voidform is already active, it extends it by 6s)
  • Darkest Hour (You automatically trigger Greater Fade when you fall below 35% HP, this can only occur once every 3mins)
  • Shadowbreaker's Dark Companion (Shadow Word: Pain DOT critical effects reduce the CD of Shadowfiend by 1s, and Shadow Word: Pain crits 50% more often)
  • Painbreaker Psalm (Effects Shadow Shot: Death)
  • Shadowflame Prism (Shadow/Void Shot and Shadow Shot: Death causes your Shadowfiend to teleport behind your target, doing an AoE slash for Shadowflame damage; each time this triggers, the duration of Shadowfiend is increased by 1s)
  • Talbadar's Stratagem (While you have Shadow Word: Pain & Vampiric Wound active on the same target, your Shadow/Void Shots deal 30% more damage)

Set Bonuses: From Shadowlands, Patch 9.2
  • 2-Set: Darkened Mind (Spending Void Bullets have a 5% chance per bullet spent (stacking) to grant Dark Thought; Shadow Crash has a 25% chance to grant Dark Thought)
  • 4-Set: Living Shadow (Consuming a Dark Thought causes your existing Shadowy Apparitions to fire again for half damage, and last an extra 1s)
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Dragonflight Alexander Crane: Honestly, I got inspired for this toon but then it just... didn't go anywhere? Regardless, here's his Dragonflight talents.

Baseline Abilities: Mana and 5 Combo Points
  • Shoot (Functions like Hunter auto-shot, visual is a pistol, but it uses the statistics of a wand you've equipped)
  • Psychic Scream (As Priest)
  • Shadow Word: Pain (Always the hand not holding the gun, otherwise as Priest)
  • Shadow Shot (Deals Physical damage, 1 charge, generates 1 combo-point, 6s CD; becomes Void Shot during Voidform, which has 2 charges, deals Shadow damage, generates 1 combo-point, and retains the 6s CD)
  • Fade (As Priest)
  • Unending Breath (As Priest)
  • Eye of Kilrogg (As Warlock, but the visual is a void eye)
  • Passive: Focus Will (As Priest)
  • Passive: Voidform (As Shadow Priest, but corrupts Shadow Shot into Void Shot and grants it its 2nd charge)

Priest Tree Alterations: Former priest, so it makes sense
Row One
  • Counter Shot (Replaces Prayer of Mending; Interrupts spellcasting, 30s CD, locks the spell school for 3s; Middle-path, left)
  • Shadow Shot: Death (As Priest Shadow Word: Death, but its a pistol shot; Middle-path, right)

Row Two
  • Tranquilizing Shot (As Hunter, replaces Renew; Left-path, right)
  • Silencing Shot (Replaces Focused Mending; Counter Shot now applies a 4s blanket silence if it interrupts something; Middle-path, left)
  • Scatter Shot / Binding Shot (As Hunter, replaces Angelic Feather/Body and Soul; Middle-path, middle)
  • Killer's Reload (Replaces Shadow Word: Death Rank 2; Reduces the cooldown on Shadow Shot: Death by 10s; Middle-path, right)
  • Shadow Mend (As Shadow Priest; Right-path, left)

Row Three
  • Shadowstep (As Rogue, but without the speed boost, and replaces Renewed Faith; Left-path, middle)
  • Improved Tranquilizing Shot (Replaces Benediction; Gain 1 combo point per effect removed by Tranquilizing Shot; Left-path, right)
  • Misdirection (As Hunter, replaces Purify Disease; Middle-path, left)
  • Mind Manipulation (Replaces Dispel Magic; Learn Mind Soothe and Mind Vision; Middle-path, right)
  • Masochism (As Shadow Priest; Right-path, left)
  • Shadowy Restraint (Replaces Mind Restrain; 2 ranks, Shadow/Void Shot prevents the next damage dealt by the enemy, improving by rank; Right-path, middle)

Row Four
  • Posthaste (Replaces Say your Prayers; 2 ranks, Shadowstep frees you from all movement impairing effects when used, and also increases your movement speed by 45/70% for 2s; Left-path, middle)
  • Deadened Nerves (As Rogue, replaces Enlightenment; Left-path, right)
  • Hunter's Agility (Replaces Improved Smite; 2 ranks, increases your Dodge chance by 4/8%; Middle-path, left)
  • Rapid Fire (Replaces Power Infusion; Combo-Point spender, instant, increases your auto-shot speed by 50% and reduces the cooldown of your 'Shot' abilities by 10%. Lasts longer per Combo-Point spent; Middle-path, middle)
  • Shadow Reload (Replaces Improved Mind Blast; 2 ranks, Shadow/Void Shot's cooldown is reduced by 1/2s; Middle-path, right)
  • Twist of Fate (As Priest, 2 ranks; Right-path, left)
  • Taming the Shadows (As Priest; Right-path, middle)

Row Five
  • Feint (Replaces Holy Nova; Combo-point spender, instant, reduces AoE damage you take by 40%, lasting 2s per combo-point spent and reduces the cooldown of Shadowstep by 1s per combo-point spent; Left-path, right)
  • Recuperator (Replaces Leap of Faith; Rapid Fire heals you for 1% of your max health every 2s; Middle-path, left)
  • Mass Dispel (As Priest; Middle-path, middle)
  • Mind Control (As Priest; Middle-path, right)
  • Shadowfiend (As Priest; Right-path, left)

Row Six
  • Cold Blood (As Rogue, replaces Cleric's Armaments; Left-path, middle)
  • Elusiveness (Replaces Improved Holy Nova; Feint also decreases non-AoE damage taken by 20%; Left-path, right)
  • Clear Mind (Reduces the mana cost of Tranquilizing Shot, Misdirection, and Mass Dispel by 20%; Middle-path, left)
  • Banish (As Warlock, replaces Angel's Mercy; Middle-path, middle)
  • Dominant Mind (As Priest; Middle-path, right)
  • Throes of Pain (As Priest, 2 ranks; Right-path, left)
  • Improved Shadowfiend (Your Shadowfiend now restores 1% mana to you whenever it attacks; Middle-path, middle)

Row Seven
  • Void Round (Replaces Tools of the Cloth; Gain 1 max combo-point slot, your finishing moves that consume more then 5 have increased effects; Left-path, right)
  • Greater Banish (As Warlock, replaces Shackle Undead; Middle-path, left)
  • Marked for Death (As Rogue, replaces Twins of the Sun Priestess; Middle-path, middle)
  • Puppet Master (As Priest, 2 ranks; Right-path, left)

Row Eight
  • Void Eye (Replaces Blessing of Renewal; Call forth a void eye to the target location, granting you unhindered vision and allowing your attacks to ignore LOS against targets in that area. Every 4 Combo-Points spent grants 1 second of Void Eye, up to 12 seconds of it. Void Eye can only be cast if it would last at least 5 seconds; Left-path, middle)
  • Deadly Precision (As Rogue, 2 ranks, replaces Charitable Soul; Middle-path, left)
  • Tithe Evasion (As Priest, 2 ranks, replaces Translucent Image; Middle-path, right)
  • Mindbender (Your Shadowfiend generates 1 combo-point for you when it critically strikes; Right-path, middle)

Row Nine
  • Void Tribute (Replaces Unwavering Will; 2 ranks, reduces the amount of combo-points you have to spend to add 1 second to Void Eye by 1/2 (So spending 3/2 combo points grants 1 second instead of 4); Left-path, middle)
  • Lethality (Replaces Light's Inspiration; 2 ranks, critical strike chance is increased by 2/4%. The critical strike damage bonus of your attacks that generate combo-point is also increased by 15/30%; Middle-path, left)
  • Greater Fade (Replaces Tithe Evasion; For the first 3 seconds of Fade, you gain a 50/100% Dodge chance, and your movement speed is increased by 25/50%. This effect ends prematurely if you perform a hostile action; Middle-path, right)
  • Rabid Shadows (As Priest, 2 ranks; Right-path, middle)

Row Ten
  • Unnerving Vision / Unnerving Instinct (Replaces Holy Word: Life; Unnerving Vision grants your party members unhindered vision during Void Eye; Unnerving Instinct grants your party members 5% Leech and 3% Avoidance during Void Eye; Left-path, middle)
  • Shadow Shot: Execution (Replaces Crystalline Reflection; 2s cast time, 45s CD, 40 yd range, shoot a powerful shadow round at your target, dealing Shadow damage and increasing the damage of your next 3 Shadow/Void shots by 40%. The damage of Shadow Shot: Execution and the bonus provided to Shadow/Void shots increases based on the targets missing health; Middle-path, left)
  • Mindgames (As Priest, except if its reversal runs out, you gain 1 combo-points; Middle-path, right)
  • Shadowflame Prism (As Priest, just Shadow Shot: Death and Shadow/Void Shot triggers the Shadowfiend to teleport; Right-path, middle)

Subtlety Rogue Tree Alterations: I wanted to use hunter, but it was... too difficult.
Row One
  • Vampiric Shot (Replaces Improved Backstab; 40 yd range, instant, combo-point spender. Shoot a target for Shadow damage, healing you for 50% of the damage done, and leaves a 'Vampiric Touch' DOT on the target that lasts for 8s and an additional 4s per extra combo-point after the first one. This DOT deals Shadow damage and heals you for 50% of the damage it deals, and if dispelled the dispeller runs in fear for 4s; Left-path, right)
  • Shadowstep (As Rogue; Middle-path, middle)
  • Between the Eyes (As Outlaw Rogue, replaces Improved Shuriken Storm; Right-path, left)

Row Two
  • Unfurling Darkness (Replaces Weaponmaster; After using Vampiric Shot on a target, your next Vampiric Shot within 8 sec is cast as if you spent 5 combo-points on it, and deals additional Shadow damage, but only once every 8s; Left-path, middle)
  • Searing Nightmare / Misery (Replaces Shadow Focus; Searing Nightmare causes you to explode with Void energy when you appear after using Shadowstep, dealing Shadow damage to targets near where you appear and applying Shadow Word: Pain to them. If they already had your Shadow Word: Pain, then they take 100% increased damage from the explosion; Misery makes Vampiric Shot apply Shadow Word: Pain, and for Shadow Word: Pain to last 2s longer for each combo-point spent on Vampiric Shot; Middle-path, left)
  • Quick Decisions (As Subtlety Rogue; Middle-path, middle)
  • Psychic Voice / Mind Bomb (As Shadow Priest, replaces Relentless Strikes; Middle-path, right)
  • Ace Up Your Sleeve (As Outlaw Rogue, replaces Black Powder; Right-path, middle)

Row Three
  • Shadowy Reload (Replaces Shot in the Dark; 30s CD, dispels up to 2 of your magic debuffs on the target to instantly gain that many combo-points, if it dispels Vampiric Touch, it fears the target for 4s too; Left-path, left)
  • Vampiric Embrace (As Shadow Priest, replaces Premeditation; Left-path, right)
  • Fortress of the Mind (Replaces Shadow Dance; Shadow/Void Shot have a 15% chance to fire at the target again; Middle-path, middle)
  • Dispersion (As Shadow Priest, replaces Silent Storm; Right-path, left)
  • Hit and Run (As Outlaw Rogue, Night Terrors; Right-path, right)

Row Four
  • San'layn (As Shadow Priest, replaces Gloomblade; Left-path, middle)
  • Powder Volley (Replaces Shadow Techniques; 40 yd range, instant, combo-point spender, fires a powder-loaded shot at your target and nearby targets, dealing Physical damage (reduced beyond 8 targets). Damage increased per combo-point spent, and leaves a debuff called 'Black Powder', which is consumed when you cast Shadow/Void Shot at the target, causing a shadow damage explosion around them, which can chain-consume other Black Powder debuffs; Middle-path, left)
  • Void Barrage (Replaces Shadow Blades; 1.5 min CD, requires 1 combo-point to cast, fires a shot at your target and any target in LOS which has one of your DOT's on them. Repeat every 0.2 seconds until you run out of Combo-points. After all combo-points are spent, gain the Voidform passive for 3s per combo-point spent; Middle-path, middle)
  • Shadowy Apparition (Replaces Veiltouched; Combo-point spender to summon a Shadowy Apparition, which fires a bullet-like shadow blast at all enemies within 40 yds and LOS of the apparition which have at least 1 of your DOTs on them. The shadowy apparition lasts for 4s per combo-point spent, remining stationary. Subsequent casts of Shadowy Apparition causes all existing apparitions to fire an additional shot for 50% reduced damage; Middle-path, right)
  • Intangibility (As Shadow Priest, replaces Secret Technique; Right-path, middle)

Row Five
  • Damnation (Replaces Symbols of Death; 45s CD, applies a 5-combo point Vampiric Touch to the target, Shadow Word: Pain, and if known, then 3 stacks of Shadow Embrace as well; Left-path, right)
  • Nightfall (Replaces Master of Shadows; Shadow Word: Pain damage has a chance to trigger Dark Thoughts, which (regardless if you talent it or not) resets a charge of Shadow/Void Shot, and makes your next such shot deal 10% increased damage. If you talent into Dark Thought, the damage improvement changes to match the talent; Middle-path, left)
  • Deepening Shadows (Replaces Deepening Shadows; Your finishing moves reduce the remaining cooldown on Void Barrage by 5/10s per Combo-point spent; Middle-path, middle)
  • Void Touched (Replaces The First Dance; While not in Void Form, every Combo-Point spent has a 5% chance to make your next Shadow Shot also fire a Void Shot; Middle-path, right)
  • Monomania (Replaces Replicating Shadows; When you shoot a target with Shadow/Void Shot, the damage of your Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch on the target is improved by 100% for 8s, limit of 1 target; Right-target, left)

Row Six
  • Shadow Ammo / Void Ammo (Replaces Shrouded in Darkness; Shadow Ammo makes Powder Volley no longer have reduced damage beyond 8 targets. Void Ammo makes Powder Volley damage no more then 5 targets max, and after the initial Black Powder explosion, a secondary black powder debuff is applied but this will chain no further; Left-path, middle)
  • Mental Fortitude (As Shadow Priest, 2 ranks, replaces Planned Execution; Middle-path, left)
  • Dark Thought (Replaces Stiletto Staccato; 2 ranks, every Combo-point spent has a 10/20% chance to reset a charge of Shadow/Void Shot, and increase the damage of the next such shot by 15/30%; Middle-path, middle)
  • Mindflayer (Replaces Shadowed Finishers; 2 ranks, Shadowfiend and Autoshots add 1/2 seconds onto the duration of your DOTs on the target, and criticals add an additional 0.5/1s onto the duration; Middle-path, right)
  • Auspicious Spirits (Replaces Shuriken Tornado; Shadowy Apparitions last 15% longer and deal 15% more damage; Right-path, middle)

Row Seven
  • Malediction (As Shadow Priest, replaces Inevitability; Left-path, right)
  • Shadow Embrace (Replaces Without a Trace; Shadow/Void Shot applies Shadow Embrace, increasing your damage dealt to the target by 2% for 16s, stacking 5 times; Middle-path, left)
  • Surrender to Madness / Hungering Void (Replaces Fade to Nothing; Surrender to Madness as Shadow Priest, but instead makes all combo-spending abilities work as if you spent the maximum amount of combo-points; Hungering Void as Shadow Priest, but triggers from Void Shot; Middle-path, middle)
  • Cloaked in Shadows (Using Shadowstep grants you a shield for 6s, absorbing damage equal to 20% of your max health; Middle-path, right)
  • Shadow Crash (Replaces Deeper Daggers; As Shadow Priest, but generates 1 combo-point per target hit; Right-path, left)

Row Eight
  • Wailing Shot (As Marksman Hunter, replaces Sepsis; Left-path, middle)
  • Soul Rot (Replaces Perforated Veins; As Affliction Warlock, except it makes your next Vampiric Shot or Damnation cast within 8s free, and Vampiric Shot as if you spent the maximum combo-points you can spend. In either case, you also shoot Vampiric Shot (also by max combo-points spent) at the targets effected by Soul Rot! These Vampiric Touch's applied through Soul Rot heal for 100% of the damage they deal; Middle-path, left)
  • Ancient Madness (Replaces Dark Shadow; You gain critical strike rating equal to twice the duration on Voidform, reducing by 2% every sec; Middle-path, middle)
  • Void Round (Replaces Deeper Stratagem; Gain 1 max combo-point slot, your finishing moves that consume more then 5 have increased effects; Middle-path, right)
  • Psychic Horror (As Shadow Priest, replaces Flagellation; Right-path, middle)

Row Nine
  • Decaying Soul Satchel (As Affliction Warlock, 2 ranks, replaces Invigorating Shadowdust; Middle-path, left)
  • Mind Devourer (Replaces Lingering Shadow; 2 ranks, Shadow/Void Shot deals 5/10% increased damage and have a 10/20% chance to make your next Vampiric Shot cost no combo-points and apply Vampiric Touch as if you spent the maximum combo-points; Middle-path, middle)
  • Unleash the Shadows (Replaces Finality; 2 ranks, critical Shadow/Void Shots have a 10/20% chance to cast a 1 combo-point Shadowy Apparition; Right-path, left)

Row Ten
  • Creeping Death (Replaces The Rotten; Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch deal their full damage 15% faster, and Shadowy Apparitions last 15% longer; Middle-path, left)
  • Living Shadow (Replaces Shadow Mist; Consuming Dark Thought causes your shadow to animate after a moment. For 12s, whenever you use a 'Shot' spell, your shadow will cast a similar spell; Middle-path, middle)
  • Void Apparitions (Replaces Dark Brew; Shadow Apparitions have a 5% chance, per combo-point spent, to infuse the summoned apparition with the Void, making it deal 20% increased damage; Middle-path, right)
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