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Necrolord Class Idea
Calorick was once a man of Dalaran, corrupted by Kelthuzad in his pursuit for power. A poor man, who claimed the dread powers of necromancy to make his mark on the world. As a Cultist, he defeated a rogue Lich on his own, but after the Lich King fell he'd try and become a Lich himself... only to have his head removed. And yet, he did not die. His soul was separated, his body an unyielding undead vessel, impossible to actually kill, and his soul set to wander the Shadowlands.

Racial Abilities:
  • As Forsaken, no changes

Covenant Abilities: He's Maldraxxus, obviously.
  • Kyrian Warlock (Generates 100 Runic Power)
  • Venthyr Priest (Generates up to 20 Runic Power)
  • Night Fae Death Knight (As Death Knight, except it reduces damage enemies deal to you by 2% up to 8%, transferring that % to you as INT)
  • Necrolord Mage

Class Abilities:
Utility Abilities
  • Slow Fall (As Mage)
  • Remove Curse (As Mage)
  • Teleport; includes Death Gate (As Mage)
  • Raise Dead (As Death Knight, except... 1min CD; can be cast while on cooldown for 1 Runic Power per second remaining on the cooldown)
  • Raise Ally (As Deathknight)
  • Control Undead (As Deathknight)
  • Fear (As Warlock)
  • Mind Freeze (As Deathknight)
  • Frost Nova (As Mage)

Main Abilities
  • Frostbolt (As Frost Mage; Generates 8 Runic Power)
  • Ice Lance (As Frost Mage; Generates 4 Runic Power)
  • Flurry (As Frost Mage; Generates 10 Runic Power)
  • Cone of Cold (As Frost Mage, except it infects targets with Frost Fever, which has a chance to generate 3 Runic Power)
  • Death Coil (As Deathknight, but deals more damage; costs 50 Runic Power; while you're dead and a spectral Lich, this becomes 'Drain Soul', which deals channeled damage and heals you for the damage it deals)
  • Death and Decay (As Deathknight; Costs 60 Runic Power, no cooldown; treated like a Bane of Havoc from Warlock's for single-target Frost spells, but copied spells do 50% less damage, and generate half Runic Power)
  • Apocalypse (As Unholy Deathknight, but... Consumes Runic Power in 20-chunks, with every 20 spent summoning an Army of the Dead Ghoul to serve you for 15s

Cooldown Abilities
  • Ice Barrier (As Frost Mage)
  • Lichborne (As Deathknight)
  • Sacrificial Pact (As Deathknight)
  • Army of the Dead (As Unholy Deathknight)
  • Icy Veins (As Frost Mage)

Passive Abilities
  • Mastery: Shadowfrost (Increases the damage done by undead minions/pets; and increases Frost/Shadow damage you deal)
  • Rime (Every 10 runic power spent, adds a stacking 5% chance to reset the cooldown of Cone of Cold and increases its damage by 300%)
  • Dark Succor (When you kill an enemy that grants experience/honor, your next Death Coil within 20 seconds is free, does 10% more damage, or heals a target for 10% of their maximum hit points, and may be cast upon yourself regardless if you're undead or not)
  • Shatter (+25% critical strike chance, and multiplies your critical strike chance by 1.5 when against a frozen target; all spells that generate Runic Power generate 50% more runic power when used against a frozen target)
  • Fingers of Frost (Frostbolt has a 15% chance, and Rime-empowered Cone of Colds have a 5% chance (per target hit) to grant a charge of Fingers of Frost; Fingers of Frost makes your next Ice Lance treat the target were frozen; max 2 charges)
  • Brain Freeze (Frostbolt has a 30% chance to empower your next Flurry to be instant cast and deal 50% more damage and apply Winter's Chill to your target; Winter's Chill makes your next frost spells against the target treat them as if they were frozen)
  • Phylactery (Upon death, become a spectral Lich for 15s. You cannot move, clicking on you targets the Phylactery, be attacked, or be targeted by any spell/effect. Your damaging spells cost no mana. Your Phylactery has 50% of your base HP and spawns under you, and if it expires without dying you are revived at 50% HP. This can be triggered earlier if you can self-heal to 50%. You are considered undead for its duration; you deal 50% less damage during this)

Talents: Based on pre-Dragonflight talents!
Level 15
  • Bone Chilling (As Frost Mage)
  • All Will Serve (As Unholy Deathknight)
  • Icy Talons (As Frost Deathknight, except it boosts spellcasting speed)

Level 25
  • Glacial Lich (Ice Barrier increases armor by 200% while active, Lichborne applies Ice Barrier too, and Phylactery applies Ice Barrier if you're revived from it)
  • Wraith Walk (As Deathknight)
  • Ice Floes (As Frost Mage)

Level 30
  • Incanter's Flow (As Mage)
  • Soul Reaper (Costs 20 Runic Power, ranged, deals shadow damage, if target dies within 5/s, then summon an Army of the Dead ghoul for 15s and refund the Runic Power spent)
  • Rune of Power (As Mage)

Level 35
  • Frozen Touch (As Frost Mage)
  • Runic Corruption (Every 2 Runic Power spent has a 1% chance to refund the spent runic power, stacking (so spending 60 Runic Power has a 30% chance to refund 60 Runic Power))
  • Ebonbolt (As Frost Mage, except it also generates 30 Runic Power)

Level 40
  • Black Ice (Your Death and Decay also freezes the ground, reducing movement speed of targets in it by 50%, lasting for 3s after they leave the Death and Decay)
  • Ice Ward (As Mage)
  • Blinding Sleet (As Frost Deathknight, but shares Cone of Cold's chance to generate Finger's of Frost)

Level 45
  • Shadow Cone (Rime-infused Cone of Cold's leave a slice of Death and Decay, mirroring its cone-radius, on the ground for 6s)
  • Glacial Advance (Costs 30 Runic Power; applies Frost Fever, and triggers Shatter)
  • Defile (As Unholy Deathknight, except whenever you copy a spell, the radius of Defile increases)

Level 50
  • Army of the Damned (Every Army of the Dead ghoul summoned has a 20% chance to instead be a Magus of the Dead, that casts Shadowfrost Bolts for Shadowfrost damage, that each have a 10% chance to grant you Brain Freeze (20% if you have Frozen Touch), these bolts also slow like Frostbolt; Death Coil and Death & Decay reduce the cooldown of Apocalypse by 1s, and Army of the Dead by 5s (Soul Reaper also reduces this if talented))
  • Surge of Power (Casting Death Coil enhances your next spell cast within 15s; Ice Lance treats its target as if they were Frozen; Frostbolt reduces cooldown of Icy Veins by 6s/Ice Form by 3s; Flurry strikes the target 2 additional times)
  • Summon Gargoyle (As Unholy Deathknight)

PvP Talents
  • Doomburst (Death Coil can consume Fingers of Frost to do bonus Healing/Damage as if the target was Frozen; Death Coil now passively is effected by Shatter)
  • Raise Abomination (As Unholy Deathknight; except its attacks generate 10 Runic Power, and nearby targets are afflicted with Frost Fever)
  • Reanimation (As Unholy Deathknight)
  • Burst of Cold (As Frost Mage, except Frost Nova also grants Rime, but only increases the damage of your next Cone of Cold by 200% (which stacks with Rime))
  • Chilled to the Bone (Frost Nova deals damage if dispelled/ends naturally, and Frost Nova also applies Frost Fever)
  • Deep Shatter (As Frost Mage)
  • Frostbite (As Frost Mage)
  • Ice Form (As Frost Mage)
  • Ice Wall (As Frost Mage)
  • Frost Armor (You gain the Glacial Lich talent, and when you don't have Ice Barrier, you gain 10% Armor and melee attackers are slowed by 25% for 3s)
  • Delirium (Rime infused Cone of Cold's also apply Delirium, as Frost Deathknight)
  • Chill Streak (As Frost Deathknight)

Legendary Picks: Shadowlands Legendaries
  • Languishing Soul Detritus
  • Shadow Word: Manipulation
  • Rampant Transference (The 'Havoc' effect of Death's Due does not half Runic Power generated by copied spells; and the damage is only reduced by 30% instead of 50%)
  • Death's Fathom (As Frost Mage)
  • Triune Ward (As Mage)
  • Expanded Potential (As Frost Mage)
  • Superstrain (As Deathknight)
  • Phearomones (As Frost Deathknight)
  • Death's Certainty (Death Coil deals 25% more damage, costs 10 less Runic Power, and boosts your next Death and Decay by 150% more damage)
  • Rage of the Frozen Lich (Frostbolt now has a 15% chance to trigger Rime, and Cone of Cold generates 8 Runic Power per target hit when empowered by Rime)
  • Reanimated Shambler (As Unholy Deathknight, except its spells that triggers it, and it applies Frost Fever)
  • Shawl of Kel'thuzad (Enemies in your Death and Decay take 25% increases damage from your single target spells)

Set Bonuses: From Shadowlands, Patch 9.2
  • 2-Set: Ritual of Death (Every 200 Runic Power spent grants Ritual of Death, making your next Death Coil or Death and Decay consumes no Runic Power and deal 100% additional damage; Death and Decay also has 50% increased radius)
  • 4-Set: Avatar of Death (When a Death Coil or Death and Decay consumes a charge of Ritual of Death, you temporarily become a Lich for 12s, creating a Death and Decay effect around yourself for those 12s and halving the cost of Runic Power effects by 50%)
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Dragonflight Calorick: The dread necromancer himself, perhaps my most potent villain character, a man who quite literally cannot be killed.

Baseline Abilities: Mana and Runic Power (Runic Power functions as Maelstrom from Elemental Shaman)
  • Frostbolt (From his spec, it now generates 8 Runic Power)
  • Teleport/Portal (Includes Death Gate)
  • Frost Nova (As Mage)
  • Counterspell (As Mage)
  • Arcane Intellect (As Mage)
  • Slow Fall (As Mage)
  • Raise Ally (As Deathknight)
  • Path of Frost (As Deathknight)
  • Death Coil (Costs 60 Runic Power, but deals 100% additional damage over the base Deathknight version)
  • Death and Decay (Costs 60 Runic Power, no cooldown, 40 yd range, otherwise as Deathknight)
  • Passive: Frost Fever (Applied by Cone of Cold, as Frost Deathknight)
  • Control Undead (As Deathknight)
  • Fear (As Warlock)

Mage Tree Alterations: He's a mage ingame, and a mage in his past, so it works!
Row One
  • Ice Barrier (As Frost Mage; Middle-path, middle)

Row Two
  • Ice Block (As Mage; Left-path, right)
  • Cone of Cold (As Mage, but applies Frost Fever; Middle-path, left)
  • Shatter (As Mage, but also increases Runic Power generation by 25% against frozen targets; Middle-path, right)
  • Raise Ghoul (As Deathknight, replaces Invisibility; Right-path, left)

Row Three
  • Rigid Ice (As Mage, 2 ranks; Left-path, middle)
  • Winter's Protection (As Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, left)
  • Remove Curse (As Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Anticipation (Replaces Grounding Surge; 2 ranks, successfully interrupting an enemy with Counterspell generates 5/10 Runic Power and reduces its cooldown by 2/4s;
  • Enfeeble (Replaces Incantation of Swiftness; 2 ranks, your ghoul's attacks have a chance to apply Enfeeble, reducing their movement speed by 20/40% and reducing the damage they deal to you by 10/20% for 6s; Right-path, middle)

Row Four
  • Blinding Sleet / Mortal Coil (Replaces Mirror Image; Blinding Sleet as Deathknight, but on a 40s CD and without a slowing effect, Mortal Coil as Warlock; Left-path, middle)
  • Chains of Ice (Replaces Slow; Instant, 35 yd range, reduces the target's movement speed by 50% for 15s; Middle-path, left)
  • Dark Simulacrum / Spellsteal (Dark Simulacrum has a 20s CD, 40yd range, places a dark ward on the enemy that lasts 12s or until the enemy spends mana on a spell, where upon the ability changes into an exact duplicate of that ability. This duplication lasts until the spell is cast once, or Dark Simulacrum comes off cooldown; Spellsteal functions as it does for Mage; Middle-path, right)
  • Death's Advance (As Deathknight, replaces Alter Time; Right-path, left)

Row Five
  • Lichborne (As Deathknight, replaces Reduplication/Reabsorption; Left-path, middle)
  • Cryo-Freeze (As Mage, 3 ranks; Middle-path, left)
  • Incanter's Flow / Rune of Power (As Mage, although Rune of Power triggers off Pillar of Frost; Middle-path, middle)
  • Tempest Barrier (As Mage, 3 ranks; Middle-path, right)
  • Sacrificial Pact (As Deathknight, replaces Mass Polymorph/Blast Wave; Right-path, middle)

Row Six
  • Tome of Gandling (Replaces Tome of Rhonin; 2 ranks, increases your critical strike chance by 2/4%; Left-path, right)
  • Improved Frost Nova (As Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, left)
  • Will of the Necropolis (Replaces Arcane Warding; 2 ranks, damage taken below 30% Health is reduced by 10/20%; Middle-path, right)
  • Tome of Kel'thuzad (Replaces Tome of Kel'thuzad; 2 ranks, increases your haste by 2/4%; Right-path, left)

Row Seven
  • Ice Nova / Unholy Ground (Ice Nova as Mage, Unholy Ground as Deathknight; Left-path, middle)
  • Accumulative Shielding (As Mage, 2 ranks; Middle-path, left)
  • Wraith Walk / Ice Floes (Wraith Walk as Deathknight and replaces Shimmer, Ice Floes as Mage; Middle-path, middle)
  • Nightmare (Replaces Temporal Velocity; 2 ranks, when Fear the target is slowed by 15/30% for 4s, this is increased to 25/50% for 6s when Blinding Sleet's incapacitate effect ends; Middle-path, right)
  • Ichor of Undeath (Replaces Master of Time; Reduces the cooldown of Sacrificial Pact and Raise Ghoul by 1 minute; Right-path, middle)

Row Eight
  • Frigid Winds (As Mage, 3 ranks; Left-path, right)
  • Icy Talons (As Deathknight, but increases your casting speed instead, 3 ranks, replaces Flow of Time; Middle-path, middle)
  • Diverted Energy (As Mage, 3 ranks; Right-path, left)

Row Nine
  • Black Ice / Ice Ward (Black Ice makes Death and Decay slow enemies by 30% while in the radius, increasing by 5% every time they are damaged by it, this lasts for 3s after leaving Death and Decay, and replaces Ring of Frost; Ice Ward as Mage; Left-path, right)
  • Scouring Tithe (Replaces Greater Invisibility; 1.5s cast time, 40s cooldown, 40 yd range. Deal Shadow damage instantly and Shadow damage over 18s. If the enemy dies under this effect, then gain 100 Runic Power. If they survive, refresh the cooldown; Middle-path, middle)
  • Runic Corruption (Replaces Dragon's Breath; Every 3 Runic Power spent has a 1% chance, stacking, to refund all the Runic Power spent (so spending 60 Runic Power gives you a 20% chance to refund 60 Runic Power); Right-path, left)

Row Ten
  • Death Duplication (Replaces Shifting Power; Casting one of your single-target spells on a target in your Death and Decay, causes all other targets in your Death and Decay to be hit by the same spell but at 50% reduced damage and Runic Power generation; Left-path, right)
  • Soul Tithe / Languishing Soul Detritus (Replaces Time Anomaly; Soul Tithe makes it so when an enemy dies under Soul Tithe, you Death Coil/Death and Decay deal 20% increased damage for 10s; Languishing Soul Detritus makes it so when Scouring Tithe generates Runic Power, you gain 100% increased movement speed and 45% increased critical strike chance for 8s. If it expires, you instead get 33% movement speed and 15% critical strike chance for 8s; Middle-path, middle)
  • Soul Reaper (Replaces Meteor; Costs 50 Runic Power, 40 yd range, blasts an enemy with Shadowfrost, afflicting them with 'Soul Reaper' for 5s. After 5s, if the target is below 35% health, then they take a burst of Shadowfrost damage. If they yield honor/experience and die while afflicted, then gain 50 Runic Power and create an Army of the Dead ghoul for 15s; Right-path, left)

Unholy Deathknight Tree Alterations: Just made sense for a necromancer of his caliber.
Row One
  • Ice Lance (As Frost Mage, but generates 4 Runic Power on cast, and replaces Festering Strike; Middle-path, middle)

Row Two
  • Fingers of Frost (Replaces Scourge Strike; Frostbolt has a 15% chance and Cone of Cold damage has a 5% chance to grant a stack of Fingers of Frost, stacking twice, and making your next Ice Lance deal damage as if the target were frozen; Middle-path, left)
  • Raise Dead (Alters Raise Dead; You may now directly command your ghoul, although it still only lasts for 1 minute. Its duration is increased by 10s if you heal it with your Death Coil, and doing so makes the healing you get from sacrificing that specific ghoul with Sacrificial Pact by 5%, stacking. Additionally, you may now cast Raise Ghoul while its on cooldown, but it costs 1 Runic Power per 1 second remaining on its cooldown; Middle-path, right)

Row Three
  • Shatter Rank 2 (As Frost Mage, but also increases Runic Power generation by another 25%, and replaces Sudden Doom; Middle-path, left)
  • Phylactery (Replaces Outbreak; Upon death, become a spectral Lich with a phylactery spawning on your corpse with 50% of your base health. Enemies who click on you instead target this phylactery, and if it dies, you die. After 15s, if the phylactery survived, you are resurrected at 50% health with your resources intact. While you're a spectral Lich, you deal 50% reduced damage, spend no mana on spells, and your crowd control spells are 50% shorter (Runic Power costing spells still require Runic Power); Middle-path, right)

Row Four
  • Flurry (As Frost Mage, replaces Replenishing Wounds; Left-path, right)
  • Wintertide (As Frost Mage, 3 ranks, replaces Festering Strike Rank 2; Middle-path, left)
  • Glacial Lich (Replaces Infectious Wound; 3 ranks, Ice Barrier increases your armor by 50/100/150% while active. Casting Lichborne also invokes your Ice Barrier, but it automatically ends when Lichborne does, and while you're a spectral Lich from Phylactery, casting Ice Barrier places the barrier on your Phylactery, which you inherit if you're resurrected; Middle-path, right)
  • Runic Command (Replaces Epidemic; Your maximum Runic Power is increased by 50; Right-path, left)

Row Five
  • Brain Freeze (Replaces Scourge Strike Rank 2; 2 ranks, Frostbolt has a 15/30% chance to reset the remaining cooldown on Flurry, and cause your next Flurry to deal 25/50% increased damage; Left-path, middle)
  • Frostbite (As Frost Mage, replaces Harbinger of Doom; Middle-path, left)
  • Pillar of Frost (Replaces Dark Transformation; 1 min CD, the powers of frost increase your Haste by 15% and prevent damage from delaying your spellcasts for 12s. Each time Shatter triggers during Pillar of Frost, increase the Haste gained by 1%; Middle-path, middle)
  • Deathbringer (Replaces Deadly Coil; Reduces the Runic Power cost of Death Coil, Death and Decay, and Soul Reaper by 5/10; Right-path, middle)

Row Six
  • Perpetual Winter (As Frost Mage, replaces Clawing Shadows; Left-path, left)
  • Winter's Chill (As Frost Mage, Pestilence; Middle-path, middle)
  • Defile / Death's Due (Replaces Unholy Pact with Death's Due; Both abilities replace retain the cost, base damage, and effects of your Death and Decay. Defile increases in damage/size every 1 second it damages an opponent; Death's Due makes enemies damaged by it deal 2% less damage to you, stacking up to 8%, and grants you an equal amount of Intellect; Middle-path, left)
  • Afterlife / Cold Snap (Replaces Ebon Fever/Bursting Spores; Afterlife increases your range as a spectral Lich by 50%, and if you self-heal yourself to 100% health, you resurrect yourself early as if the phylactery survived for 15s. Reminder, you are undead as spectral Lich! Cold Snap as a mage; Middle-path, right)
  • Chill Streak / Glacial Advance (Replaces Infected Claws; Both abilities as Frost Deathknight; Right-path, middle)
  • All Will Serve (Your Raise Ghoul spells summons a permanent skeletal minion, otherwise as Unholy Deathknight; Right-path, right)

Row Seven
  • Rime (Replaces Pestilent Pustules; Every 10 Runic Power spent is a 5% chance to reset the cooldown of Cone of Cold and increase its damage by 300%, and increase the chance Cone of Cold damage generates a stack of Fingers of Frost by 5%; Left-path, middle)
  • Frostwhelp's Aid (Replaces Unholy Command; 2 ranks, Pillar of Frost summons a Frostwhelp who breathes frost on your enemies, dealing Frost damage. Each unique enemy hit by Frostwhelp's aid grants you 2/4% Mastery, up to 10/20% Mastery, for 15s; Middle-path, left)
  • Army of the Dead (As Unholy Deathknight; Middle-path, middle)
  • Enduring Frost (Replaces Improved Death Coil; 2 ranks, when Pillar of Frost expires, your Intellect is increased by 5% for 6s, with the duration increasing by 1/2s for every Shatter-trigger during Pillar of Frost; Middle-path, right)
  • Enduring Chill / Piercing Chill (Replaces Reaping; Both abilities function as they do for Frost Deathknight, except Enduring Chill also makes Glacial Advance create an Ice Wall for 15s, with 40% of your maximum health, unique of 1 (casting a new one breaks the previous one), and Piercing Chill give you a 20% chance when striking an enemy with Soul Reaper, Ebonbolt, Apocalypse, or Death Coil, to cause a spike of ice to erupt under the target, dealing damage as a singular glacial advance spike; Right-path, middle)

Row Eight
  • Ebonbolt / Shadow Cone (Replaces Death Rot; Ebonbolt has a 2s cast time, 40 yd range, 30s CD, deals Shadowfrost damage, generates 25 Runic Power, and causes 1 Rime (even if its not talented). Shadow Cone makes Rime-infused Cone of Cold's leave a slice of your Death and Decay on the ground, mirroring the cone's radius for 6s; Left-path, right)
  • Apocalypse (1.5 min CD, instant, 40 yd range, deals Shadow damage to an enemy and consumes all of your Runic Power in 20-power chunks. For each 20 Runic Power spent, summon an Army of the Dead for 15s, then automatically gain Brain Freeze. Runic Corruption has a 50% reduced chance to refund the Runic Power spent on Apocalypse; Middle-path, middle)
  • Ritual of Death (Replaces Unholy Blight; Spending 300 Runic Power grants Ritual of Death, which is consumed by your next Death Coil or Death and Decay to deal 100% increased damage and make Death and Decay's radius 50% bigger; Right-path, left)

Row Nine
  • Shadowfrost Aura (Replaces Festermight; 2 ranks, Frostbolt grants you Fingers of Frost and Brain Freeze 10/20% more often, and enemies within 8/16 yds take 10/20% increased damage from your minions; Left-path, middle)
  • Echoes of the Dead Scar (Replaces Ghoulish Frenzy; 2 ranks, after casting Death and Decay, your next Death and Decay deals 60% additional damage, and after casting Apocalypse your next Death and Decay deals an extra 20% damage per 20 Runic Power spent by Apocalypse; Middle-path, left)
  • Improved Death Coil (Replaces Morbidity; 2 ranks, Death Coil deals 20/40% additional damage and seeks out 1 additional nearby enemy; Middle-path, right)
  • Master Ritualist (Replaces Unholy Aura2 ranks, decreases the Runic Power you have to spend by 50/100 to trigger Ritual of Death; Right-path, middle)

Row Ten
  • Summon Gargoyle (As Unholy Deathknight, replaces Unholy Assault; Left-path, middle)
  • Army of the Damned (Death Coil, Death and Decay, and Soul Reaper reduce the cooldown of Apocalypse by 1s, and Army of the Dead by 5s. Additionally every Army of the Dead ghoul you summon has a 20% chance to be a Magus of the Dead, who hurls Frostbolts and Shadow Bolts at your foes; Middle-path, middle)
  • Avatar of Death (Replaces Summon Gargoyle; Consuming Ritual of Death transforms you into a skeletal Lich for 25s, causing a permanent Death and Decay effect around you, increasing your spell damage by 15%, and halving the Runic Power cost of your abilities. You also gain these benefits while you're a spectral Lich; Right-path, middle)
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