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Personal Loa Headcanons

[Pinned] Creative Writing: Headcanon Loa - 9/20/22

The first attempt at something a touch different, a creative writing prompt done on the website for better organization. Remember that none of this can be forced on another, this is only to share cool ideas, and who knows! We may even ask permissi...
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[Pinned] Change Log
Shadowtusk Corner

[Pinned] Change Log

MARCH 18th, 2021Conduct Tab FinishedApplication Renovation FinishedMARCH 19th, 2021Subclasses Tab Finished asides from WDCurrent Officers - Antuzul Tab FinishedCurrent Officers - Atalalarion Tab WIPForums- started all threadsMARCH 24th, 2021Curre...
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Clan Map and Hut List

Hut Form

RULESHuts are limited to one per account, not per alt. This is done to ensure that all members can have their own hut, without one person plugging numerous spaces for their alternate characters. Sharing a hut on your alt is acceptable, and even e...
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Personal Tribe Headcanons

Let's Plan Mavuno! [Shatterspear Headcanon]

I'd like to do another mini-celebration of a headcanon festival for the Shatterspear, but to make it easier for our other Shatterspear to offer ideas, I thought a forum thread might be more efficient to brainstorm! I'd like to get these up for the...
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Member Creations

Valathora Class Idea

Blood Mage Class IdeaAn innocent, if fumbling mage, Valathora took a bullet meant for her mentor and was forever changed. Kidnapped in her place, Valathora was forced to become a vampyric san'layn, and although she has managed to maintain her huma...
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Member Creations

Persine Class Idea

Shadowmage Class IdeaPersine is a Void Elf that followed her mentor to the Void and back, unique void-consumed, she recognized that her mentor did not love her, and meant to sacrifice her, so she pushed him off the cliff to the endless void below,...
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Member Creations

Calorick Class Idea

Necrolord Class IdeaCalorick was once a man of Dalaran, corrupted by Kelthuzad in his pursuit for power. A poor man, who claimed the dread powers of necromancy to make his mark on the world. As a Cultist, he defeated a rogue Lich on his own, but a...
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Member Creations

Alexander Class Idea

Shadowflinger Class IdeaA class idea I came up with while on vacation, its for a gunflinger shadow priest, a shadowfligner; the character itself is a human, a former doctor, named Alexander Crane!Racial Abilities: Loses Diplomacy and The Human Spi...
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Member Creations

West Class Idea

Reanimator Class IdeaA 'new' version of a former antagonist character of mine, the idea revived by the 2e AD&D game I'm playing where he's a wizard anatomist (a type of necromancer), eccentric, confident, charismatic, so... time to WoWify him ...
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Member Creations

Ovric Class Idea

Lavasmith Class IdeaOvric is a Father of Embers, a former cult member dedicated to Ragnaros, a cult of embers, binding fire elementals into their very bodies to be closer to Ragnaros's divine will. Although he's since become friends with his eleme...
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Member Creations

Lerceni Class Idea

Dragon Knight Class IdeaA true paladin, even as a blood elf Lerceni wields the Light with the faith of one of the Silver Hand. However, upon being chosen by the draconic blade "Quel'felo" (as her people called it), Lerceni has adapted the flames o...
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Member Creations

Ariavel Class Idea

Spellbreaker Class IdeaAriavel is a high elf, avoiding the fate of her people by being in Dalaran when Silvermoon fell. Of course, she survived Dalaran's fall too, but never turned to the Fel. She traveled to Outlands after learning her father was...
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Member Creations

Senilna Class Idea

Chosen of Halz'aka Class IdeaAs her father before her, Senilna was surprisingly chosen by the Loa "Halz'aka", to become her champion. A final 'gift' from her deceased father. This allowed Senilna to survive, despite only being a child, the Scourge...
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Member Creations

Zulatobari Class Idea (He's a dwarf, sorry)

Class IdeaZulatobari Maltor Greatforge (yes, Maltor is the name I want for him, but he's established as Zulatobari sadly), is a Thane of the Bronzebeard Clan and the elected First Shield of the Assembly of Three Hammers. He wields the artifact we...
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Member Creations

Crura Class Idea

Sister of Steel Class IdeaCrura is a hardened, grumpy dark iron dwarf. She trusts almost no one, she won't even trust magic or engineering to take a replacement arm even! Her transformation into a sister of steel has left her with a tough exterior...
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Member Creations

Yeula Class Idea

Mountain Queen Class IdeaYeula is a frostborn dwarf out of her element... literally, following her King in joining the Alliance, she makes due as a Runesmith of startling expertise, and puts her training from Yorg Stormheart to great use!Racial Ab...
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Member Creations

Blue Dragonsworn Class Idea

Dragonsworn Class IdeaFor the blue dragonflight specifically; suggested racials since its not connected to a toon.Racial Abilities: Frost Resistance (As the Dwarf Racial) Arcane Affinity (As the Nightborne Racial) Ancient Affinity (As the Blood...
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Member Creations

Batilur Class Idea

Frostblade Class IdeaBatilur is the grandson of Tuesri Brinvia, although he takes another name, as his mother was sent to an orphanage shortly after her birth, he is a kind mannered, gentle soul. He has exceeding expertise with the arcane, and mix...
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Member Creations

Baevah Class Idea

Druid of Kimbul's Flame 'Class Idea'Look up individual abilities / talents if you aren't sure what something does. This is prior to Dragonflight's talent changes! Side note, I made this for my sandscalp troll, Baevah.Racial Abilities: Racials for ...
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Member Creations

Tuesri Class Idea

Bloodfire Knight Class IdeaSlain by the Ebon Blade when Suramar was first assaulted, Tuesri was brought back as a death knight to help fight the Legion in that conflict. Considered among the 'Fourth Generation', she wields her arcane abilities alo...
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